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Year 7&8 camp 2017

 Year 7 & 8 Camp 2017

28th November
I had so many mixed emotions about leaving for camp. I got out of the car with my bags and saying my last goodbyes to my mum. I put my bags down and found a group of friends. Mr Fourie called everyone inside and all the parents left.

Image result for peter snell youth village logoWe were all doing the roll call and collecting everything that we needed. We got to that point where we were all ready but the bus wasn’t there yet. Once the bus arrived we all took a seat and off we went to camp. On the bus I sat with a couple of friends the bus was nice and quiet because it didn't have as much people as it did last time. We all had some laughs and jokes with some truth or dares. We finally reached the camp and I was actually really excited, we all grabbed our bags and had morning tea. We all got settled in our cabins and I was in cabin 11 with Tayla, Hannah, Hayley and Evie. I was so ready to get started with the camp activities I had rifles for my first activity and i have never done it before and I thought that I would miss a lot. At first I didn’t really get what the instructor was trying to say but I knew what to do once I got up there. I thought that the rifles would be really loud but they were actually pretty quiet. I hit lots of tins but missed a few but I was still happy with how many tins that I got.
After that my team had rock climbing and I thought that the wall would be really high and hards, but it was a small one and didn’t look that challenging. Once it was my turn I thought that I would fly through it but it was actually harder than it looks and most of the rocks were wobbly so if you couldn’t climb you would have to try turn the other rocks around so it would be way easier. We all had a couple of turns the signal went so we all had to go back and finally had dinner.
Everyone said that the dinner at camp would be really good. We all took a seat and Mr Fourie would choose table by table to all go and get their food, but some people on my table just had to open their mouth and argue with Mr Fourie's opinion. So therefore ofc we had to go lucky last once everyone finally got their food we were allowed to get our dinner. We all sat down and we had noodles with bolognese with some coslow. I was so happy to eat but since we were last we had the bottom of the tin so everything was mushed together and all the flour soaked to the bottom. I didn’t really like the dinner on the first night because it had no taste and it was gross. We finally got to the water slide, got in line and waited for our turn. It was a really long line so we waited a long time, finally it was my turn we could only go halfway on the slide because it was camp rules. We had to put our hands on our elbows and keep our legs crossed. Mr Fourie and Mr Munroe would push you down really fast or really slow. Just because my brother was in both of their classes he pushed me really fast. Once everyone had a few goes we all had to get ready for the burma trail, so I got ready and we all had to line up in our activity groups. We all waited and one by one a teacher would choose a group to go and do the burma trail. Once we got chosen we all lined up in front of Mr Fourie and he would wrap half the teams eyes in bandage and half of them got blindfolded. We all had to put one hand on the rop and one hand on the person's shoulder that is in front of you. Our group went in and there were lot’s of screams and even some people crying. It was scary and fun at the same time. Once everyone finished we had milo and a couple cookies and after that it was off to bed.

29 th November
I wasn’t that tired that morning, but we all got ready at around and had to start our morning run. We had to go through the burma trail and up and down the hill twice. Once we were done that we had breakfast, they had cereal and toast for that morning.
My group had the confidence course and I think that there were some obstacles that I didn’t really complete because it was harder than I thought. We all had to do a time trial to see who got the best time out of all of our teams. My team ended up getting 4:24 and to that day we were in the lead. After that we all had morning tea then off to our next activity, we then had the Initiative course and the included a lot of teamwork and thinking
. We weren’t really doing well on most of the activities because some of us were in a bad mood. It was 12:30 and we were all hungry for lunch, we all sat down and ate. For our next activity we had archery and we had to split into two teams so basically we were boys against boys. Our team got heaps of balloons and we ended up winning I was so close from getting a bullseye but didn’t end up getting it.
At 2:45 we had Masterchef and I thought that it would’ve just have been just like food technology. But to get our ingredients we had to answer a few questions and for that to happen we had to split onto two teams so we just used our same teams. We finally got our ingredients so we had to just figure out how to make it on our own. We started to cook and I thought that it was a bit too easy but then Mrs Bailey and Mrs Crosbie were doing a taste test so we all were aiming for the win. We ended up a tie and neither one of us got a prize.
It was 4:00 and it was starting to get boring but we had our next activity and it was the hobo stoves o it was in the burma trail so I was with Kaizen as a group and Kaizen was meant to light up a match and place it in the blue gel but her match snapped in half but she still tried and once she did half of it went flying off and ended up on my leg and I got a big fright. We all got our separate bowls and just start making our piclepes. Kaizen and I made really little ones and we had so much batter left we couldn’t finish it off. After that we all had to tidy up and get ready for the water slide and this time we got to go from the top. I was really nervous and didn’t want to go but the slide looked so fun. When it was my turn I laid down on the slide and crossed my arms and legs they pushed me down fast and I was having so much fun. I only went once because I wasn’t really feeling like it. At 6 we all had dinner and that day it was really nice and we had dessert there too.
We all went to the hall all nervous because we all had to do our dances. Our team wasn’t really happy that we didn’t get to practice before we got on stage. When we went up we did our dance and got some claps I knew that we were not as good as the comedy ones. We were watching a lot of them and to be honest there were some really good ones and some really bad ones. Once the talent quest was finished we had our group dance and we went 2nd to last because none of us wanted to do it. Once we finished we all took a seat and waited for the winners. We got first on our group dance but didn’t get anything but we got cream filled donuts for our prize. We had milo and cookies and we had to go bed.

30 th NovemberImage result for adventure park silverdale
We got up and got ready for our 7:00 run, it was still the same run at the same place. We had breakfast and that was about the same things that we ate the same thing the day before, once we finished our food we had to pack everything and get ready for our trip to Silverdale (Adventure Park).
We left the camp by bus and the bus was over an hour. When we arrived we all put our stuff down in our assembly area, then we went to do the activities. There was nothing open apart from the playground so my friends and I went and played. We played for a while until the ludge, shooting star, and the flying fox was open. The first thing that I did was the lugde and I’ve never been in a ludge so it was really fun for the first time. I went on for a while and then it started to get boring so I went to the shooting star and weighed myself but i weighed 39.3 and I had to be 40 I didn’t end up going on those rides part from the luge. Once it was 4 we had to go back to camp so we went on the bus and headed back to the camp.Image result for adventure park silverdale
As soon as we got there we had to get into outr togs and go straight to the water slide. It was really fun because we got to go for as long as we liked. Once we were finished we dried off and got ready for dinner. After we finished dinner we had the Y games and basically what we had to do was line up into our groups and there would be a chair at the front and once in awhile the person on the chair would change and so some challenges. It was around 11:30 and we couldn’t finish up the games so we headed back to bed, Mr Fourie said that he would let us sleep in till 7 and we all thought that he was being honest. So we all headed back to bed and fell asleep straight away.

1 st of December
We got woken up with a splash of water in our faces and of course it was Mr Munro and Mr Fourie with water guns. He moved on to the next room and we all were soaked and annoyed we thought that it was over but sadly it wasn’t. All you could see was Mr Fourie and Mr Munro coming down the hallway coming to wet us. We all screamed and dived into our sleeping bags and still managed to get wet. Once they were done it was time to get up. We went straight to the dining room to have breakfast. We got up and cleaned up everything in our cabins, we all had duties to clean up the camp and everything was clean an hour later. We got to have morning tea which was finishing as much as we could eat.
After that happened we had the top class event and I just had to do the parachute and do an obstacle course on the playground we got ahead on the running but room 8 overtook us in archery. We overtook room 8 on the water slide but still they won.
When everything was done there were presets given out and a couple of speeches and Mrs Bailey said t make a circle around Mr Fourie and everyone grabbed their drink bottles and waited but Mr Fourie said that who ever is on his side has to stand by him. So lots of people went until Hannah’s mu (Gale) got a big bucket of water and tipped it on everyone and then everything turned into chaos. Once that was finish and we all got to wet Mr Fourie we all had to tidy up the floor and head off. I was so sad that we were gonna leave but happy to see my family.
I ‘m so sad that it is the last camp with my friends at Reremoana school.

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