Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Year 7&8 camp 2017

Tuesday 28th November 2017

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I woke up with my brothers car noises and I knew my day was beginning. I finally got out of bed at 7:30 and started to get changed into my clothes I was wearing for the day ahead. I got in the car with my mom going to school. When got to school I was waiting to put my stuff into the bus when everything was on the bus we started to hop onto the bus. I was sitting with Leah on the way down. A few hours later we got to PSYV (Peter Snell Youth Village) we hopped off the bus then we had some morning tea. After morning tea we had some free time, in that free time I played volleyball. When free time was over we had to sit down in our lines with our camp group then Mr Fourie would let us off to our first activity. My first activity was Hobo stoves where we had to cook some mini pancakes on the hobo stoves ( the thing I don't like about them is that they only cook the pancake on one side so it was hard to manage). When that was finished we had to go straight to our second rotation which was the Riffles for me. I really enjoyed the rifles a lot. After our second rotation we went and had dinner which was spaghetti bolognese and it was good. Then we went onto the water slide for the first time. The water slide was my favorite activity at camp the water at the bottom was a tiny bit cold but it was alright. After the water slide we got ready to go to the burma trail. If you don’t know a burma trail is it is a muddy track in the woods with a rope to follow and you have to wear blindfolds. After the burma trail we had to wait for the other groups to finish (because we were the second group to go). After that we had some hot chocolate and got ready for bed. I couldn’t get to sleep because I was so excited for the day coming.  

Wednesday 29th November 2017

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On Wednesday we woke up at 6:15 - 6:30. We got ready for the morning run at 7am sharp. The morning run starts at the bottom at the steep hill through the burma trail and up the big hill going around behind the kitchen and dining area. We had to do that twice. After the morning run we had some breakfast. Then we would go freshen up for the day to come (we had 5 rotations today). My first rotation of the day was rock climbing and it was really fun. I did the rock climbing wall twice and I made it up to the top every time:) Then there is a noise we hear to change rotation. My second rotation was confidence course the confidence is a obstacle course that is really hard to do and your whole team has to go through it all in a certain amount of time my team ( Group 1 - Alphaz ) did it in 4:09 which is pretty good because the team that went before us got 4:24. After rotation two we went back to where we always meet and got a can of fizzy ribena and some biscuits to go with it. Rotation 3 I went to the initiative course which is just working together with your group. Rotation 4 we went to Archery, I’m not the best at it but I’m not the worst. Me and Delilah got so many points for the girls team but the boys still one the challenge. After that we went to masterchef which is where we eat our dinner and we had to cook french toast for Mrs Bailey and Mrs Crosbie, Thankfully the girls group one this challenge. Then we had some spare time and got to go on the water slide and then get ready for the talent show. At the talent show I was so nervous for our group to go and have our turn. (were called the tough cookies revenge) Then we had our camp group dances and ours was alright but we weren't the best. At the end of the night they were announcing the winners Mrs Bailey calls out “the winners are The Tough Cookies Revenge). I was so happy and excited to eat donuts for the first time in forever (that was our prize). Then we got ready for bed.  

Thursday 30th November 2017

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I got up and I was so excited to go to Silverdale Adventure park. First we got up and we had a morning run just like on the 29th. Then we had some breakfast and we started to sit in our lines ready to go. We hopped onto the buses and they were so LOUD because everyone was so excited (But I still managed to sleep). As soon as we got there we got in a line and you could choose sweet or savory for your morning tea (they were cupcakes). Also we got a really yum juice box with it. After we finished our morning tea we could go and play on the rides! I started off by going in the little kids playground and I saw so many fun things to go on. First I went on this rocket long and you can press the buttons to go up and down (It went pretty slow). After that I went to get a drink and then went onto the tube slide (the tube slide is a slide and you go down in tubes). The tube slide was alright because it went really slow. After that there was lunch which we had burgers and fries. Then we went up to the top and first I went down onto the shooting star which is a huge sling shot going horizontal. When I went on it, it was higher than I expected. Then I went onto the luge and it was so fun that was my favorite of all! I already sort of knew that it was going to be heaps of fun because of the one in Rotorua because it’s basically the same thing. Those were only a few rides to go on there was still the zip line and more rides in the kids playground. After a big day we hopped back on the bus and of course I fell asleep again! We got back to PSYV and had a bit of spare time to do whatever you wanted to do (I went onto the water slide). Then we came inside and had some dinner and dessert then we had the why games and that was probably my favorite activity. After that we had some hot chocolate and hopped into bed.  

Friday 1st December 2017

I woke up and got little surprise… water guns (thanks Mr Fourie and Mr Munro). After that we came out of our cabins and we were so lucky that we didn’t have to do a morning run. any way we had some breakfast and got ready for the day. Then Mr Fourie said were having the class race which is where all the students in your class have to do at least one activity and it’s a race there were 3 other classes to beat (I did the running and the water slide). Sadly our class came 2nd because room 8 just bet us by a tiny bit. After all of that fun we tidied up our cabins and did our duties. Then we got our stuff onto the bus and went back to school so our parents can pick us up!

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