Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Camp 2017 Bill, Rittivong and Josh

On  Tuesday, week 7 2017 the kereru team went to P.S.Y.V (Peter Snell Youth Village).It was about an hour in a half drive from the school to Peter Snell.  On the bus, your camp leader should have set you one or more questions to answer.The questions were about the surroundings e.g what is the first bridge the bus crosses so we had to stay awake.  

When we arrived we went down part of a hill which the building we were staying in was built on. We organised our bags and got ready for the first activity the water slide.

The first two times you did it you had to go from the middle of the slide, most people did two and some people just weren't keen. When you went down you went down your legs had to be crossed and you had to have your hands on your elbows. It was finally my turn after waiting in massive queue I hoped in the water was freezing running down the back of my spine,  then the two instructors pushed me I went forward at a slower pace than expected for a few meters then I dropped the slide was on a lot more angle now I was going quite fast the water was coming off my feet and hitting me in the face but before I knew it I hit the water at the bottom of the slide it was over.

It was Wednesday. There were so many activities we did at camp but my two favourite were the confidence course and the air rifles. The air rifles were pretty straightforward there were two people shooting at four tins hung up. These guns were not hard to work first you had to pull the end bit down till it clicked then you got your ammunition and put it in the small circle at the top of you gun whilst it was open. You then closed your gun got into your ready position lined up you two sites on the gun pulled the trigger and ping! That was the sound I heard after my first shot I had hit the tin.

The confidence was at the back of the camp in a small valley. From just looking at it I could tell it was going to be fun. You started by walking down a round plank you had a rope above you witch you could use to keep balance if need be at the end of the plank you jumped onto a small platform. Then there 2were three years held by ropes vertically between two planks. Then you walked along another plank onto the ground then you ran jumped over a river went around a tree and over a bridge that had holes in it most of us just jumped over the bridge. We were allowed to skip the tyers because most people could not do them then we had to go over a net type thing then over a wooden roller bridge which was quit wide after that you had to do a tight rope but there was a rope above that you could hold it was very long and probably took the longest time out of all the things. Then the last thing was the another roller bridge which was a lot longer but not wide at all this was hard to go over but it was the last item and at least you knew you were done at the end.

Camp was sadly over I had an amazing experience with my group and the other classes and can't wait to go again next year as for Rittivong he should have a great time at college.

Bill, Rittivong and Josh

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