Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Matthews and Calebs camp recount

Matthews and Caleb’s Camp Recount
Peter snell youth village description as per the website

Peter Snell Youth Village is situated on 27 acres of native bush and parkland about 45 minutes north of Downtown Auckland. With amazing sea and island views towards Waiwera and the Mahurangi
The camp has been in operation for many years, and is a member of Christian Camping NZ. Peter Snell was kind enough to allow his name to be used for the property when he was a young Christian man beginning to be recognised for his athletic skill.

In recent years the facilities have been updated to meet the needs and comfort of the many school and community groups that take advantage of this beautiful site. Excellent catering and friendly hosts enable guests to focus entirely on getting the most out of their stay. Onsite activities include an initiative course, burma trail, horizontal bungy, water slide and trampolines, as well as an abseiling tower. Kayaking and sailing is also available but needs to be  booked with an outside provider. (have a look at the activities page). The beach track gives access to a rocky shore as well as a sandy beach for beach games and swimming if desired.
Recount begins here:
On Tuesday, we went to camp. We all outside the dining room on a deck area. with our luggage and sat in our groups and decided who was going to go what for the questions in our booklets for the trip there. I had already done 3 questions before we got on the bus. (Thanks, google maps). It was a long bus ride there. It took about an hour and a half to get there.I was in the back of the bus with Zach, Tyrone and Caelin. It was a cool bus ride because you could see everything that was happening all the way down the bus. When we got there, we got our gear out of the buses and then went to the deck to have morning tea. I got to have a lamington fresh from the bakery because my Mum went and got it in her own car while we were driving there. After everyone had their morning tea we went to our cabins and put all our stuff there and then we played outside until lunch. After lunch, we got ready to go with our activity groups to our first rotation. I had Rifles then Rock climbing. Rifles was cool because i hadn’t done anything like it and there was not any Rifles at the Chosen Valley camp. After I did the rifles then my group went to the Rock Climbing. It was kind of boring because there was only one wall and it took AGES for your turn and it was annoying when someone in your group just stayed on one rock and didn’t do anything just laughed *cough cough* william *cough cough*.

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