Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Camp T4 2017

My legs were stiff from the night before. My eyelids heavy as I want to go back to sleep. But my excitement makes all of that seem neutral. “Oh you’re already awake” I glared up at my mums sleepy face. “Yup”.

“Chloe are you ready?”
“Yeah just saying goodbye to Lexi” I had just finished moving all of my packed bags into the car when I reached down to kiss my little doggy goodbye. “Bye Lolo”
“Okay I’m ready now”
“Okay let’s go”.

It had been a few hours after my mum had dropped me off to school, and we were just getting ready to hop on the big bus. As a camp group leader my responsibility was to look after the flag. So that meant I had to take the flag on the bus with me. After a couple of minutes on the bus I was too scared to let the flag hang above everyone’s heads. So I yanked it down (just missing Brooklyn’s head) and dropped it on the floor.

After an hour on the bus we finally got to the camp. PSYV (Peter Snell Youth Village) was really cool. After our meeting on the camp’s deck, we made our way to our dorms and (lucky me) I was rooming with Brooklyn, Ella, Caitlin, Britney, Alex and Kenjah. After getting everything ready, we all met on the dec and headed straight to our first two rotations.

My team’s name was The Whoopers (I spelt it wrong) and we were awesome! After the confidence course and rock climbing, we met on the deck once more before going into the dinning room for dinner. Our dinner was awesome! (Not to mention my table was first) We had this delicious mince with noodles and I was so lucky to go first (I may have drooled a little). After our great dinner we all got ready for the water slide. I am going to be honest, I was way more nervous than scared of the water slide. The one thing that made it even worse, was that through all of my rotations I hadn’t seen what the bottom of the slide looked like (the water slide was on the right side of the camp while I was on the left for both of my activities). But I went down it anyway (it was compulsory) and I was so proud of myself.

The next day was just as awesome because I had archery!!! (SUPER FUN) And I am going to be humble about this and say… I was THE BOMB! I was so great at archery that I surprised myself. We didn’t just have archery though, we also had initiative course, masterchef, hobo stoves, and rifles (archery was my favorite). But the one thing that made me a little bit mad was that, my group was on rifles while all of the other group were already going on the big level  water slide (there was two levels). And this made me a little angry because while everyone else was going on the water slide. I could only cheer from the side line (not to mention Brooklyn and everyone else went without me). So after having some butter chicken for dinner and some ice cream for dessert, we all went to the main hall for the Talent Quest! (I was so excited and happy) And I was even more happy when my group won by ONE POINT! (We had donuts for a prize. YAY)I went to bed with all of my friends again.

On Thursday we arrived at the adventure park, 30 minutes away from Peter Snell. It was the funnest day ever! First we had lunch and then Brooklyn and I ran up the hill to the louge. After going on the louge Brooklyn and I headed to the zipline which was so much fun we did it twice. After going back up the hill from the zipline. Brooklyn and I did the Vertical Bungee (I felt like I was going to be sick). Once we had our fun day we returned back to camp. Before we went to bed, we had some nice dinner and dessert (we had donuts for dessert).

On Friday (the last day) we had a pretty cool day. Because we had this class challenge (called class challenge). And I was lucky enough to do archery! (YAY) But I had the worse bad luck ever! Every shot I did missed the ballon (we had to pop two balloons). And because of my terrible shot I got really mad at myself. And after all of our hard work we lost to room 8.

After getting on the bus and heading back to school we waited in room 7 for PIZZA! When the pizza finally came, we all went back for more and more (until it was all gone). Once we had all finished eating I got a ride home from Stu (Brooklyn’s dad). And then I had a nice and relaxing week end.

I loved camp it was so much fun and I can’t wait to go to another one next year!

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