Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Camp Experince Charles and Mason

Year 7-8 this year was at Peter Snell Youth Village
Mason: It was a Monday the day before we went to camp. We wore having our last practices with our groups we had worked out our group dance moves and had learn’t them as fast as we came up with them. We also just finished our banner it was a burger spider thing with fries and drinks around the banner. We had our last chant off at school no one knew who won the chant off. I tried to get a good night sleep but I was to excited for camp I could not sleep. Finally morning came I got up out of my bed checked I had everything and got dressed. I ran to the kitchen to make breakfast and I realised it was six o'clock I had two hours and thirty minutes. I arrived at school with my daypack on and my long big bag with me ready to go, every one put their stuff outside the hall and went into the hall so I did the same. We were asked to sit in our class and show that we had a drink bottle and hat. Then we went to in our camp activity group mine was the whopper I was lucky in my group I got my best friend. As soon as we sat down we were told to get our bags and go sit in the bus, we got up and went to the bus and sat at the back saving seats for Ethan, Ben and Lucas. It was ten minutes later when everyone was on the bus and we sit off to go but we waited another one minute. It was along ride to Peter Snell Youth Village. We had a test we had to do on the way so we weren't bored. Me and Ethan said to Robbie “What's for Dinner” we cept saying that until got iniod, Come to think it I don’t know why we decided to say that.

Finally we made it to the Camp, Everyone rushed out of the two buses to get there bags. I managed to get my bag first so I went and sat on the grass in front of the main building an waited for everyone else to get there bags and sit down. We were told to walk around the building to the deck area with our bags so we did so. We sat down in our activity groups in my group there was Robbie, Owen, Zach, Dayton, Braydon, Zoe, Piper, Chloe, Sophia, Fora and Alysha. We all were told eat some morning tea before we do anything else we ate our food in about Seven minutes or so, I had eaten almonds, Chips and A chocolate chip biscuit. We heard the whistle that Mr Fourie blew and we all sat back down in our activity groups, The next thing we had to do was find our camp and get settled in there. My cabin was in the Parents Cabin area, Our cabin was luxury it had heaters and we had heaps of beds (We switched alot). In my cabin I had my friends except lucas :( , But I had Robbie, Ethan, Ben and Zach in my Cabin and that was cool we had fun in there with our pillows until Mr Fourie came to tell us what is expected of us down in our Cabins.

Our First activity was the rock climbing, I did well I got to the top In a minute but other people in my group could not get up so we encouraged them to get higher so that they can achieve things that they found scary. Our Second activity of Tuesday was the confidence course were we had to go through acorse and do it as fast as possible. We set the record for individual record and group record but we did not cep it like that. We went on the water slide and it looked scary but I did and I liked it was fun. We had our dinner and played around a bit before we did the bermatrail. My group did not get blindfolds but I was lucky to get a jumper where I can zip it over my face. People in front of me were screaming so I moved to the side and jumped out of the way of the water there was another part where someone pulled on my leg to get me in the mud but I pulled my foot away and I came out not wet or with mud on me. On tuesday we went on our morning run which is run around the bermatraial and then go up the hill where the water slide and up around the main building and down to the volleyball net and then do it again and we do this every morning. My third activity was the initiative course we worked together as a team to get through challenges. One Of the challenge’s was to get three of your team members through tires and only two are allowed in the middle to help that was my favourite because I was one of the smallest in my group and I could fit through the tires. Our fourth activity was Archery This was my favourite activity because we got a lot of points each turn I had I always hit where I was Aiming except the bullseye ( I wish). The girls one because they had the first shot on A balloon that if you hit you win instantly and they hit it first try sad. Our Fifth activity was Master chef we had to make french toast but first we had to answer the questions. Braydon was beast he got six Out of our seven questions and I was confused with one answer tough it was the one that read who is the emperor of the sith the answer was Darth vader that wrong it’s emperor palpatine. We one with the ugly looking toast but the tasty toast we one the rubber duck go boys. Our Sixset activity was the hobo stoves we made pickletts on tin cans with team effort on the mixture they were nice yum yum. I last activity was the air rifles they were fun and easy to aim I always hit the big cans I missed the spoon once out of three.

Next was the Talent quest I was so nervous for our dance but we got on and enjoyed it We had people join in with us on the macarena I went so fast on one of those dance moves but lucas wow that was fast I tried to do that fast but not as fast as lucas. Next was our group dance it was fun to do your welcome but coming up with dance moves was hard. I think we did well with our song.

It was thursday probably the funniest part of camp. We got on the bus on our way to Silverdale adventure park we arrived on listened to the instructions we were not allowed to go in the restricted areas. We all went to the cafe to get our muffin and juice they were nice then we went to the space park we went to the playground that's where we spent most of our time we played tag a lot it was fun. There were also These rockets that flew around and you control yourself going up and down. Next I went to the 3D ufo the bad thing was that it was one that I saw so many times. I decided I wanted to try the shooting star but for the shooting star and the duel zipline you had to be 40 kg I am 38 kg so that's sad :( But there was the luge it was fun I went fast at the front without losing control. The second time I went down Amy cept bumping into the back me and hitting the sides of the walls which slowed me down dude calm. It was Lunch time I had the beef burger and fries I also picked for my drink L&P it was yum I went on the luge A few more times than I waited in line twice for the 7D video I did Canyon Coasters and spooky villa. We did the last water slide activity of camp I went down three times and then we did the Y games. I did the Moro bar challenge I choked on  piece I also did A music one and got A couple but still we came 3rd for y games It first Parents then us.

It was Friday the last day of camp We did our cleanup duty mine was the Corridor cleanup I vacuum the floors. Next and last thing before we leave was Top Class we Just did not come first by five seconds or something like that. We sprayed Mr Fourie with water and went on the bus as fast a I could And we Were on our way to camp I fell asleep a few times and we were at school. We Had pizza and Fanta and me and Ethan played cards until we went home at 3 o'clock. That was my 2017 Year seven and eight camp experience. By Mason

Charles: At Camp my camp group name was Wasted Potential. Our first activity at was masterchef with Miss Crosbie and Mrs Bailey and was in the dining hall by the main area. Our task was to make and serve french toast, but the twist was that we had to answer a question before we were able to grab a ingredient. Our second activity was hobo stoves with tayla’s mum Fleur who helped us make pikelets on the hobo stoves. The next activity was rifles With Alex hassel’s dad Mal who not bad shot himself. The next activity was rock climbing with Mrs honey and Maddy isaiah dad which i got rope burn on and then after that confidence course and initiative course, both required team work to do it. Our last activity was Archey with Grant Masson who is daniel’s dad and i was one of the two to hit he smallest balloon.  

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