Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Whale Hunting should be banned!
Image result for whalesImagine you are swimming peacefully in the ocean,causing know harm. Then BAM  something sharp hits your skin goes into your body and explodes. The pain is hurting you but isn’t enough to kill you. Then Bam you get hit over and over the pain is killing you but you're still conscious. You get taken on a boat. Have know idea what is happening, you start feeling a sharp pain, again and again. You're getting cut up into pieces not able to make a sound that you are still alive.  Reason 1 how many whales get killed a year. Reason 2 hunting has major impact on population. Reason 3 There are no human rights to kill whales.

My first reason is Do you know how many whales get killed a year?  
Can you believe 1,300 whales get killed in a year from us humans. That’s a lot. Yeah people kill them to eat them but there is plenty of other food for us to eat, so why the need to eat whales?  Whaling also affects the world’s ecosystem. Stabilising the food flow and maintaining a healthy ocean so the rapidly decreasing number of whales are going to have major effects on the ocean's ecosystem. Whales get killed for us to eat when really they are most likely more wanted to look at and study in the ocean then eating them. Whales are beautiful creatures and may go extinct some time soon and we still barely know a lot about them so this needs to stop.

Image result for whales getting killedMy second reason is, hunting has a major impact on population of whales. If we are going to keep on hunting them and not let them live they are going to come extinct! Just imagine if you were a whale and you were swimming in the sea and some human comes and kills you with a harpoon,  I don’t think you would be happy about that would you?.  Also Do you ever see whales doing anything to us?... yea I didn’t think so. So then why should we be killing them if they have no harm to us. Japan, Norway and Iceland kill around 1,500 whales between them every year.

Image result for whalesMy third reason is There are no reasons for humans to kill whales. I never see whales killing us on purpose like we do. Maybe sometimes humans get killed from them but they just think were food or a dolphin or something like that.  Yeah you may be saying actually there is it’s for food but is it a we have to eat it or we want it think about that. Only three countries mainly kill whales. But the amount of whales they kill is a lot to much. They may taste nice but why do they deserve this. You could be killing baby whales parents or their kids and they have good memories so it might bother them. This type of fishing is uncalled for and unnecessary.

In conclusion whale hunting needs to stop NOW do you really want these beautiful animals to go extinct??? So just remember over 1,300 whales get killed in a year, whales population keeps on increasing every year and there are no reasons for human to kill whales. So do you really want these Beautiful animals to become extinct.

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