Tuesday, 14 November 2017

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Ugh the garden party was so fun but not cleaning everything up after it was finished, there was cake everywhere and all the food was on the ground. I don’t know why we had the idea of a food fight. I only joined in because I wanted to get payback Larissa.

11 Hours Before…

Image result for board gamesIt was a early in the morning Hannah and I were out to set up everything for the garden party. We hung up the ribbons and lights and we were just waiting on the food. Hannah set up the water slide and games and was watering the garden. The caterer arrived and her name was Larissa I didn’t invite her to my party because Larissa and I  have a terrible history. I asked her why she was there and she told me that she was the caterer but I knew it was a lie because they don’t open at this time. Larissa just wanted to ruin our end of the year party. Hannah asked her where is the food she hesitated almost for a minute, until she figured out that she came early with no food so she could figure out how big the backyard is so her company knows how much space they have for the food. 2 hours went by and we finished that lights and everything else.

Image result for garden partyThen the food arrived and almost everyone was helping out to set up except from Larissa . After Hannah looked over and saw Larissa not doing her job for the day she got angry and disappointed in her once again.  1 hour later the catering service left and  we were just waiting for our guest to arrive. I would stand at the front waiting with a list to make sure the correct people arrive. We were so excited that we were allowed to have a year 8 farewell. 18 people showed up and we were waiting on 2 more, until I saw someone else familiar and surprisingly turned up it was Larissa. She came and said that she was invited but we had a huge argument. Until my mother came out and said that it’s fine she could come in, I was so annoyed that she came.

Everyone took their seat as well as Larissa, Leah and I made a toast to thank everyone who came today. I said that we could eat but no that is not what Larissa was thinking, she stood up and made a toast to Leah and I, and said that she is thankful that she got invited which I think is ridiculous because she really wasn’t. After that horrible toast we finally got to eat, Larissa kept blaming us for a terrible party I had enough of what this girl had to say I grabbed a whole cake and shoved it in her face everyone was so shocked. Leah clapped and smiled until she yelled “ FOOD FIGHT” everyone grabbed food of the table and started to throw it, Hannah and I picked up the punch bowl and dumped it on Larissa.

11 hours later

We were cleaning up our mess and then Larissa comes with a piece of paper she hands it to me very happily, I read it and find out that apparently she is related to me…

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