Wednesday, 8 November 2017

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Pacific Fish & Chips

Waiting for the perfect moment to have a well cooked meal of your choice.
Well this is the place for you, if you are close by the beach well our store is nearby and it is very convenient for you.
Our fish is freshly caught by our fishing company and has very good quality to it.
Not only do we have fish and chips we also have sword fish, snapper and all you could imagine.
Check out our store across the maraetai beach for the best meal you will ever have.
LJs food is freshly made everyday for protein and great taste.
Most of our food is healthy so you could eat as much as you want without getting fat.
On Friday’s there is all you can eat buffet. Our menu is completely inexpensive.
Our star rate is 4 and a half stars and we have a food certificate and it is always an A to prove  that our shop is worth your time. If you aren't happy with your food, come back and we’ll exchange it to your perfection. So come to our store and let us show to you that we are worth what you are looking for in a meal.
LJS, Cooked Till It’s Perfect!
Fish and Chips Proud Owners by L&J
Best Fish and Chips since 2017

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