Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Since We Last Spoke By C. Mesley & B. Jones

To my dearest love, John

Since we last spoke, things have become more chaotic. More animals have died, leaving our farms deserted. We are starving away with no food, no water, and no hope of survival. What are we supposed to do now? We can not live like this for much longer. The days are getting colder, the snow has almost covered everything, will this eternal winter ever end? Our crops have all died leaving us to eat nothing but bird seeds, which the kids do not favor.

The kids wait for your return, they cry every night screaming your name. I have taken in 5 homeless children who I found starving by the frozen lake. Crying for food and water, slowly freezing to death. You leaving has made everything very hard for the children, I simply cannot teach them everything a father can. The only comfort we have is the fireplace, we rely on this for little heat. Even though the circumstances we are in are horrible, we still have hope. Hope that things might change, that everything might go back to how it was. Hope for the war to end. But is this what we call home now? Is this what you have left for us?

My love, on top of everything that has happened to us, your grandmother has had it worse. She has become very ill, so ill she rarely wakes up. I sometimes hear her crying in her sleep, crying for you to save her. How do I tell her that you’re not coming back? How do I tell her that you’re not going to be able to save her? I  tried to call the town doctor but he was too busy to help us, helping other people I presume. I hope he dies for what he has done, leaving us like this. But as good as revenge sounds, your grandmother doesn’t have much time left. But worst of all, we have no way to save her. So please come home soon. For her, for the children… For me.

But please whatever you chose, don’t stop fighting for what you believe in just because we wish you home. Don’t stop fighting for a new beginning. Don’t stop fighting for a second chance. War is a terrible thing, but remember you are not facing it alone. God bless. Never forget us. Just like we will never forget you.

We love you.

Sincerely your wife


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