Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Alphabetical Technolgy By Mason and Tony

A:  An Axel is a central shaft that spins the wheel or gear on a car. It may be fixed to the wheels of the car or body.

B: A Bluetooth speaker is a device that can be connected wirelessly to play music loud. There are other bluetooth devices you can connect to.

C: A Computer is a like a book with a buttons and a screen. People use it to play games, look at articles, social media and watch and listen to music or youtube.

D: A Dirt Bike is like a normal bike but without the pedals instead it has a motor to make it move like a motorbike. It is used on the dirt for sport.

E: Earphones are small little things that go in your ear. You plug the other end into a computer or phone and listen to any audio.

F: A Ferrari is a expensive car that looks like a slick fast speed machine. It has an engine that take fuel and powers a motor that then goes to the axle and move the gears and wheels.

G: Google is a big internet system that is operating billions of devices it. The system is in america in the google building in the base of the building where the room is full of computers to run it all.

H: Headphones are like earphones but instead of going into your ear it goes around and covers your ears for louder audio.

I: An I-Pad is a device like a phone but it is bigger and can not text or call people. They are used to download apps like games, videos and music.

J: A Jet is a plane that is built for one person and is very fast. The military have jets equipped with gun and missiles so they are good for war.

K: Keywords are commands you give to google, apple and your computer. What this can do is open a new tab switch tabs and close them and searching for knowledge on these commands just press ctrl, alt, question mark.

L: A Lan is a small box that connects computers, phones and tv’s to the some thing so they share the same knowledge.

M: A Microwave is a device that heats food for you. You but in the temperature, how long you want to cook it for and how you want it cooked.

N: Network is how you can call and text people on your phone. You have to pay for your Network but depending on your network you can have cheaper prices.

O: Operating systems are the brain of most machines it brings in the power to rotate the propeller and power the rest of the machine.

P: Phones are small hand sized devices that you use to call and text people. You also can check your mail, watch videos, listen to music and play games.

Q: Q&A Websites are websites that give questions for you to answer like how many pets do you have? Or what's your favourite game to play?

R: A Router is the machine that runs the internet. Its pretty much the key to using computers tablets and phones. And it is useful because people are using mail on computers these days.

S: Skateboards are long wooden boards that you stand on underneath it has an axle and wheel. They are used as transport and sport.

T: You Tag People in your photos on social media so that people know who else is in your photo. It is just a cool thing you can do with your social media.

U: Uninstalling things are on devices when you no longer need something on your computer, phone or tablet you just uninstall it with a right click it is done.

V: Vine is like a social media like thing where you post funny videos on and try and get followers and views. Jake paul and Logan paul used to do vine videos.

W: Webcams are cameras for your computers or o them so that you can take pictures record your screen and see other people's faces.

X: X-Rays are devices that scan the inside of your body to see your bone. They use this to see if your bones are broken or if your bone structure is bad.

Y: Youtube is the biggest video app and site to exist on the planet because of the many people that are on it every second and how many people who have their own channels. And a another good thing about this is that it's a google product.

Z: Z Moto is something on android devices where you can see the time and date, the weathers, your location and you can play your music from this little icon on your homepage.

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