Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Rhyming Reason

Rhyme about self driving cars.

Self-driving cars, they drive themselves.
It is very swell. If you want you can even buy twelve.
Some people think walking is not great.
So set up the date.
To buy a self-driving car and drive around with your mates.
Self-driving cars go super fast.
The radio can go up to BLAST!
Self driving cars are very flash.
Just make sure you don’t crash.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Image result for garden party
Ugh the garden party was so fun but not cleaning everything up after it was finished, there was cake everywhere and all the food was on the ground. I don’t know why we had the idea of a food fight. I only joined in because I wanted to get payback Larissa.

11 Hours Before…

Image result for board gamesIt was a early in the morning Hannah and I were out to set up everything for the garden party. We hung up the ribbons and lights and we were just waiting on the food. Hannah set up the water slide and games and was watering the garden. The caterer arrived and her name was Larissa I didn’t invite her to my party because Larissa and I  have a terrible history. I asked her why she was there and she told me that she was the caterer but I knew it was a lie because they don’t open at this time. Larissa just wanted to ruin our end of the year party. Hannah asked her where is the food she hesitated almost for a minute, until she figured out that she came early with no food so she could figure out how big the backyard is so her company knows how much space they have for the food. 2 hours went by and we finished that lights and everything else.

Image result for garden partyThen the food arrived and almost everyone was helping out to set up except from Larissa . After Hannah looked over and saw Larissa not doing her job for the day she got angry and disappointed in her once again.  1 hour later the catering service left and  we were just waiting for our guest to arrive. I would stand at the front waiting with a list to make sure the correct people arrive. We were so excited that we were allowed to have a year 8 farewell. 18 people showed up and we were waiting on 2 more, until I saw someone else familiar and surprisingly turned up it was Larissa. She came and said that she was invited but we had a huge argument. Until my mother came out and said that it’s fine she could come in, I was so annoyed that she came.

Everyone took their seat as well as Larissa, Leah and I made a toast to thank everyone who came today. I said that we could eat but no that is not what Larissa was thinking, she stood up and made a toast to Leah and I, and said that she is thankful that she got invited which I think is ridiculous because she really wasn’t. After that horrible toast we finally got to eat, Larissa kept blaming us for a terrible party I had enough of what this girl had to say I grabbed a whole cake and shoved it in her face everyone was so shocked. Leah clapped and smiled until she yelled “ FOOD FIGHT” everyone grabbed food of the table and started to throw it, Hannah and I picked up the punch bowl and dumped it on Larissa.

11 hours later

We were cleaning up our mess and then Larissa comes with a piece of paper she hands it to me very happily, I read it and find out that apparently she is related to me…

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Alphabetical History

A - American Civil War, The American Civil War was fought in the United States from 1861 to 1865

B - Berlin Olympics, The Berlin Olympics started in 1936 and loads of people competed in different events.

C - Cesar Chavez, Cesar was an american labor leader and civil rights activist

D -The Declaration of Independence is a document drafted by Thomas Jefferson and issued on 4th of July,

E - Euan Dickson, Euan Dickson was one of the most successful Allied bomber pilots of the First World War

F - Flag day, Flag day is a holiday that celebrates a flag of a country.

G - Galileo Galilei, Galileo invented the telescope in 1609 and also discovered Jupiter in 1610

H -Harry Coover, Harry Coover invented Super Glue in 1942

I - Ipad, The Ipad was invented in 2010 by Steve Jobs

J -James I and VI (1566 - 1625) - king of England and Scotland, first Stuart monarch

K - Korea split into North and South Korea they split and Japan had north korea and america had south Korea.

L -“invented” in the traditional sense in 1879 by Thomas Alva Edison, although he could be said to have created the first commercially practical incandescent light. The light bulb

M -Memorial Day honors US soldiers who died fighting for their country.

N -The North Pole, also known as the Geographic North Pole or Terrestrial North Pole, is defined as the point in the Northern Hemisphere where the Earth's axis of rotation meets its surface.

O - Operating system, An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources

P - Rosa Parks  was a pivotal figure in the fight for civil rights. An, Alabama, bus driver ordered Mrs. Parks to give up her seat to a white man. When she refused, she was fined and arrested.

Q - Quasi war was an undeclared war between the United States and France during the presidency of John Adams.

R -Raleigh, Walter, Sir walter Raleigh (1554-1618) was a british explorer, poet, historian and soldier.

S -Sagan Carl, Carl sagan (1934-1996) was an american astronomer who discovered that the surface of venus was extraordinarily hot and noxious.

T - Texas, Texas is a state in the south central United States of America. Its capital is Austin, Texas was the 28th state in the USA, it became a state on december 29, 1845.

U - The united states of America is a country in north America. There are 50 states in the
united states of America.

V -Van Allen, James A was an American physicist who discovered doughnut-shaped belts of radiation that circled the Earth.

W - Water, After 500 BC, Hippocrates discovered the healing powers of water. He invented the practice of sieving water.

X - The X Corps was a corps-size formation of the British Army that served in the First World War on the Western Front before being disbanded in 1919

Y - Yalow, Rosalyn S.
Dr. Solomon A. Berson (1919-1972) and Dr. Rosalyn Sussman Yalow (1921- ) co-invented the radioimmunoassay (RIA) in 1959.

Z -Frank J. Zamboni (1901-1988) was an inventor and mechanic who invented the Zamboni Ice Resurfacing Machine in 1949.

By Riley,Jodie and Hayley

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Fishing Trip Diary

Daily Diary

Thursday 12th, 1992
Today was the day we finally arrived at my favorite place in the world, Dream bay. The amazing fish and chips shop. The great surfing beaches and the best part. The annual fishing trip. Every year we go and spend 3 whole days on the water. Catching fish, eating heaps and just spending time with one another. This year is going to be so much better than the other years. This year my parents have let me and my friends go all by ourselves! 3 nights of partying here we come! When we arrived at the house there was a note taped to the door.

For Thomas
We welcome you to our humble home and hope you have an amazing time on the fishing trip. We hope you and your friends don’t destroy our house in the 4 days you will be staying. Everything is all ready for you and the fridge and cupboards are full of midnight snacks!
We both hope you have lots of fun and have a great time in Dream Bay!
Nan and Pop
P.s our number is 01234567 If you ever need anything :)

The key was under the mat just like every other time has visited. The door unlocked and as we all walked in we were amazed. Last time I was here the floor and walls were being redone and they had no kitchen. Now it’s all tiled and a massive chandelier hung from the roof. We chucked our bags down went to find our rooms. My room was the biggest but I shared with my best friend Liam. After unpacking we decided to go for a walk down to the beach to catch some waves. After we came back, ate something and packed our bag as we are staying on the boat for the next 3 days! As soon as we had got set up on the boat we take shifts watching out for any other boats or strange thing going on the water. I lay here and thought about Mum and Dad back home. I wonder what they are doing. Woah something just knocked on the side of the boat. I checked it out but nothing was there. Another 3 knocks just came! I just lay here thinking it’s my imagination and slowly drifted off into sleep.

Daily Diary

Friday 13th 1992
Yesterday was one heck up of a day.
I did loads of things that I enjoyed. Today was even a better day with lots of surprises, scary surprises.
Waking up I was super tired and felt bloated seeing as I ate so much last night. Last night was a rough night for sleeping as I heard random knocking on the boat all night. Breakfast was something I did not have on my mind as I was still full from last night dinner, so I woke up and got ready for the day. Putting on my fishing gear was a struggle as I was tired and felt like going back to sleep but I had a big day planned as I went to the Big reef where the most unique fish are found. I started up the boat and the wheel wasn’t turning, this morning was turning out to be pretty bad so far.

I got to the Reef and started unpacking all of my gear, My fishing rod, bait, water, food and my rain jacket in case it started pouring down. I unraveled my fishing rod and put some bait on the end of my fishing hook and threw my anchor down to the bottom of the ocean and then I started fishing. I waited a few minutes until I felt a small yank at the bottom of my fishing rod. Straight away I pulled up and wound my line up a bit. Then let go a bit and then pulled and wound a bit. Suddenly the rod felt loose and nothing was holding onto the end. I wound my line right up and realized that the whole piece of the line had snapped and there was nothing on the end. Whatever did this was one strong fish. Me and the boys ate lunch and just relaxed for the rest of the day while I tried to fix my line. Liam pointed out that it was Friday the 13th and that we should be careful. It was crack up! All day we just made jokes about horror movies and people's faces. At last, the sunset and it was time to eat and sleep. I took first watch and Liam took the next.

During my watch, I didn’t hear any knocking but when Liam was on his watch, he woke me up saying there was a weird knocking coming from down below under the boat.  I knew something was wrong because of last night so we both went to check. We couldn’t see anything so we woke up our other friend, Bruce to do his duty. Liam and I both gave each other scared looks as we drifted into sleep. I woke up to the sound of screaming and the boat nearly capsizing! As I’m running out onto the deck I notice the floor is covered in water stained red. I sprint out only to find half the boat bitten out and Bruce gone. Liam ran out of the cabin like room we sleep in and we both started screaming out Bruce’s name but nothing replied.

Daily Diary
Saturday 14th, 1992
Waking up this morning I felt like I was going to die. I was so scared Bruce was gone and he had died. I felt like crying one of my best friends were gone, gone forever. ‘’What if another one of us got bit or killed, who was next’’. I woke up this morning and felt like the boat was a bit wonky and light. I found Liam panicking as the boat got deeper and deeper.” WE ARE GOING TO DIE THOMAS WE NEED TO GO’’. Still, in my pajamas me and Liam jumped out of the boat. I made sure I had everything I needed especially my diary as it was my prized possession. Me and Liam started swimming as fast as we could trying to get back to shore. Until Liam felt a huge wave of water crash against him and I felt a tug on my leg.’’A SHARK LIAM, IT’S A SHARK’’. I screamed out to Liam. Me and Liam started swimming as fast as we could until we felt like our arms and legs were going to fall off but we still kept swimming, as there was no way me and Liam wanted to die at the age of 14. 10 minutes later I felt safe, safe like I wasn’t going to die, the shark had gone. I could see the beach on the horizon, I was so freaking happy.’’ Crawling on the sand I ran up to my Nan and Pops cabin and I gave them a big hug I was so happy to see them. I told them everything that happened and they were in shock. My Nan saw that I had a big bite mark on my leg and they took me straight to A&E to get it fix and checked out. This was a crazy experience Dream Bay turned into If you wanna die go to here Bay. I might come back to Dream bay for a holiday but definitely not for swimming or fishing.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Writing Poster

Alphabetical Technolgy By Mason and Tony

A:  An Axel is a central shaft that spins the wheel or gear on a car. It may be fixed to the wheels of the car or body.

B: A Bluetooth speaker is a device that can be connected wirelessly to play music loud. There are other bluetooth devices you can connect to.

C: A Computer is a like a book with a buttons and a screen. People use it to play games, look at articles, social media and watch and listen to music or youtube.

D: A Dirt Bike is like a normal bike but without the pedals instead it has a motor to make it move like a motorbike. It is used on the dirt for sport.

E: Earphones are small little things that go in your ear. You plug the other end into a computer or phone and listen to any audio.

F: A Ferrari is a expensive car that looks like a slick fast speed machine. It has an engine that take fuel and powers a motor that then goes to the axle and move the gears and wheels.

G: Google is a big internet system that is operating billions of devices it. The system is in america in the google building in the base of the building where the room is full of computers to run it all.

H: Headphones are like earphones but instead of going into your ear it goes around and covers your ears for louder audio.

I: An I-Pad is a device like a phone but it is bigger and can not text or call people. They are used to download apps like games, videos and music.

J: A Jet is a plane that is built for one person and is very fast. The military have jets equipped with gun and missiles so they are good for war.

K: Keywords are commands you give to google, apple and your computer. What this can do is open a new tab switch tabs and close them and searching for knowledge on these commands just press ctrl, alt, question mark.

L: A Lan is a small box that connects computers, phones and tv’s to the some thing so they share the same knowledge.

M: A Microwave is a device that heats food for you. You but in the temperature, how long you want to cook it for and how you want it cooked.

N: Network is how you can call and text people on your phone. You have to pay for your Network but depending on your network you can have cheaper prices.

O: Operating systems are the brain of most machines it brings in the power to rotate the propeller and power the rest of the machine.

P: Phones are small hand sized devices that you use to call and text people. You also can check your mail, watch videos, listen to music and play games.

Q: Q&A Websites are websites that give questions for you to answer like how many pets do you have? Or what's your favourite game to play?

R: A Router is the machine that runs the internet. Its pretty much the key to using computers tablets and phones. And it is useful because people are using mail on computers these days.

S: Skateboards are long wooden boards that you stand on underneath it has an axle and wheel. They are used as transport and sport.

T: You Tag People in your photos on social media so that people know who else is in your photo. It is just a cool thing you can do with your social media.

U: Uninstalling things are on devices when you no longer need something on your computer, phone or tablet you just uninstall it with a right click it is done.

V: Vine is like a social media like thing where you post funny videos on and try and get followers and views. Jake paul and Logan paul used to do vine videos.

W: Webcams are cameras for your computers or o them so that you can take pictures record your screen and see other people's faces.

X: X-Rays are devices that scan the inside of your body to see your bone. They use this to see if your bones are broken or if your bone structure is bad.

Y: Youtube is the biggest video app and site to exist on the planet because of the many people that are on it every second and how many people who have their own channels. And a another good thing about this is that it's a google product.

Z: Z Moto is something on android devices where you can see the time and date, the weathers, your location and you can play your music from this little icon on your homepage.
Whale Hunting should be banned!
Image result for whalesImagine you are swimming peacefully in the ocean,causing know harm. Then BAM  something sharp hits your skin goes into your body and explodes. The pain is hurting you but isn’t enough to kill you. Then Bam you get hit over and over the pain is killing you but you're still conscious. You get taken on a boat. Have know idea what is happening, you start feeling a sharp pain, again and again. You're getting cut up into pieces not able to make a sound that you are still alive.  Reason 1 how many whales get killed a year. Reason 2 hunting has major impact on population. Reason 3 There are no human rights to kill whales.

My first reason is Do you know how many whales get killed a year?  
Can you believe 1,300 whales get killed in a year from us humans. That’s a lot. Yeah people kill them to eat them but there is plenty of other food for us to eat, so why the need to eat whales?  Whaling also affects the world’s ecosystem. Stabilising the food flow and maintaining a healthy ocean so the rapidly decreasing number of whales are going to have major effects on the ocean's ecosystem. Whales get killed for us to eat when really they are most likely more wanted to look at and study in the ocean then eating them. Whales are beautiful creatures and may go extinct some time soon and we still barely know a lot about them so this needs to stop.

Image result for whales getting killedMy second reason is, hunting has a major impact on population of whales. If we are going to keep on hunting them and not let them live they are going to come extinct! Just imagine if you were a whale and you were swimming in the sea and some human comes and kills you with a harpoon,  I don’t think you would be happy about that would you?.  Also Do you ever see whales doing anything to us?... yea I didn’t think so. So then why should we be killing them if they have no harm to us. Japan, Norway and Iceland kill around 1,500 whales between them every year.

Image result for whalesMy third reason is There are no reasons for humans to kill whales. I never see whales killing us on purpose like we do. Maybe sometimes humans get killed from them but they just think were food or a dolphin or something like that.  Yeah you may be saying actually there is it’s for food but is it a we have to eat it or we want it think about that. Only three countries mainly kill whales. But the amount of whales they kill is a lot to much. They may taste nice but why do they deserve this. You could be killing baby whales parents or their kids and they have good memories so it might bother them. This type of fishing is uncalled for and unnecessary.

In conclusion whale hunting needs to stop NOW do you really want these beautiful animals to go extinct??? So just remember over 1,300 whales get killed in a year, whales population keeps on increasing every year and there are no reasons for human to kill whales. So do you really want these Beautiful animals to become extinct.

Photos from Google

Since We Last Spoke By C. Mesley & B. Jones

To my dearest love, John

Since we last spoke, things have become more chaotic. More animals have died, leaving our farms deserted. We are starving away with no food, no water, and no hope of survival. What are we supposed to do now? We can not live like this for much longer. The days are getting colder, the snow has almost covered everything, will this eternal winter ever end? Our crops have all died leaving us to eat nothing but bird seeds, which the kids do not favor.

The kids wait for your return, they cry every night screaming your name. I have taken in 5 homeless children who I found starving by the frozen lake. Crying for food and water, slowly freezing to death. You leaving has made everything very hard for the children, I simply cannot teach them everything a father can. The only comfort we have is the fireplace, we rely on this for little heat. Even though the circumstances we are in are horrible, we still have hope. Hope that things might change, that everything might go back to how it was. Hope for the war to end. But is this what we call home now? Is this what you have left for us?

My love, on top of everything that has happened to us, your grandmother has had it worse. She has become very ill, so ill she rarely wakes up. I sometimes hear her crying in her sleep, crying for you to save her. How do I tell her that you’re not coming back? How do I tell her that you’re not going to be able to save her? I  tried to call the town doctor but he was too busy to help us, helping other people I presume. I hope he dies for what he has done, leaving us like this. But as good as revenge sounds, your grandmother doesn’t have much time left. But worst of all, we have no way to save her. So please come home soon. For her, for the children… For me.

But please whatever you chose, don’t stop fighting for what you believe in just because we wish you home. Don’t stop fighting for a new beginning. Don’t stop fighting for a second chance. War is a terrible thing, but remember you are not facing it alone. God bless. Never forget us. Just like we will never forget you.

We love you.

Sincerely your wife

Waitangi day celebration

Image result for new zealand150 years ago on February the 6th 1840 a group of Maori sailed the seven seas on a waka. They found what we know today as, New Zealand. At first they thought is was a small island in the middle of the sea, but soon discovered that there was more than that. So in 1918 they began a celebration called Waitangi day (the treaty of Waitangi) which celebrates the signing of the Waitangi treaty in 1840.

Image result for new zealand and england flag

As they settled in the country they started getting more popular as more people discovered the new land. It was now 1978 we had become a British colony and queen Elizabeth the 2nd was now our queen. Minute by minute day by day and year by year just like christmas we would all the look forward to celebrating the day that New Zealand was found. We all love our little island that we all feel safe on and we are grateful for what we have today.

In conclusion Waitangi day is a day of celebration that we should all start appreciating in the future. We should all know the real meaning of Waitangi day which is a day named after Waitangi Where the Treaty of Waitangi was first signed, commemorates a significant day in the history of New Zealand. Ceremonies take place each year on 6 February to celebrate the signing of the treaty, New Zealand's founding document, on that date in 1840.   
The Daily News
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