Tuesday, 17 October 2017

U13 Girls Hockey

Image result for hockey countiesI hop into the van, on the way to Tauranga knowing I will have a great time. On the way down I could see everyone in the van were really excited for the week ahead. About half way to Tauranga we stopped at Paeroa and we walked over to the big L & P bottle and got a photo and also screamed our chant to the people who were in the cars going past. Then we walked over to Mac Donalds and got a hot chocolate. As soon as we got to Tauranga we went to our Motel where we were staying for the week. We went up stairs and went into one of the rooms waiting for our rooms to be called out.

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After we had some food and got our rooms we had a meeting so we could know the plan for the rest of the day. After that we had this costume that people had to wear if they did something stupid and it’s called dork of the day and I had to wear it because at Mac Donalds I built a hot chocolate tower. After every body mocked me for wearing it we had to go unpack in our rooms. Then we went for a walk and got some lunch and we saw this person that was pretending to be a statue but was blinking a lot, I thought he was going to give us a fright. On day 1 we had to go for a morning run to wake up also we had 2 games that day we won one game and we lost the other.

Screenshot 2017-10-17 at 1.47.34 PM.pngOn day 2 we had another morning run and we had 2 games again the results were won one and we lost one again. After the first game we went and got some ice-cream from this really nice place where they make there own waffle cones. That day when we won the game it was about 7 o’clock and we were so happy that the photographer took so many photos of us. On day 3 we went for a morning run which was about 3 km overall. We had a game a few hours after that and we had a draw 1 all and that night on the website it said we had come 3rd in our pool.

Day 4 we had a little sleep in and we played one game, we vs Otago and we were down 2-0 at halftime and then we came back 2 all at full time and we had to go into drop offs which
No automatic alt text available.is NO goalie only if there is a PC (penalty corner)and there is only allowed to be 9 players at all times on the turf, but same rules apply. We won 3-2 in the drop offs and we were then playing for 9-12th place. That evening we decorated our van we went down in (the photo was the winning section)! Day 5 we vs central Otago and we lost 0-4, we weren't to happy about that but we know we had to play harder in our next game. By then we were playing for 11th and 12th place. Day 6 we were tired but we didn’t give up we had one game that we had to win to be in 11th place and few hours later we had drawn 1 all and there were no drop offs so we came 11th equal.

Overall we went Counties hard in every game and I am so proud of what we achieved for Counties Manukau hockey U13 Girls collier team. All of our trainings and hard work paid off. Also I have got to know an awesome bunch of girls that hopefully I will see again.

Some photos from Google.

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