Thursday, 19 October 2017

Two weeks of freedom
9:00am September the 30 I woke up to my alarm going I reach over to my phone and turn it off but also waking up to my Mum not yelling at me Jade wake up you're LATE and instead of that i'm Waking up in a caravan in matarangi listening to the close by waves crashing on the shore with my best friend Emma right next to me.That's when I knew, my holidays have started.Me and Emma decided to get up get dressed and go out for breakfast because we didn’t want to waste to much of our holidays just laying in bed.

After breakfast we went to New Chums beach and that beach is one of the top ten beaches in the word.Me and Emma didn't really swim because most of the time we were taking photos and exploring the beach after that we saw this cave that we wanted to take photos in so we got all our stuff and moved. We got to the cave and Emma gave me her phone asking me to take a photo of her. 50 photos later I asks if she can do some photos of me and, she said yes. So I went to go get my phone and it was gone!

I was panicking saying to myself my Mum's going to kill me.I started going red, bright red and I had to tell Emma. “Emma my phone is missing, but don't make a big thing about it ok.” “What you lost your phone your Mums going to kill you!” She shouted. I looked at her and gave her the look and said “Ughh come on just follow my tracks back.” So that's what we did,I was so scared the sea had swallowed it or if these guys had stole it. “Jade I found it!” Shouted Emma with excitement. “I feel like a hero.” Said Emma . “I feel lucky you found it.” I said. After a long day at New Chums.

The Next day had come along and it was the day we go home and I get really car  sick so had to take my car sick pills.I told my Mum that I would be coming home tomorrow so I could surprise her but I made sure they weren't going out. When I got home the surprise went so well because someone was coming over so they thought I was that person until I got closer and everyone got surprised in the end.

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