Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The 2017 Hatch Cup

On the 8th of October, the Under 13 hatch boys was getting ready for the under 13 hatch cup. The hatch cup is were there are 24 teams that are competing for the hatch cup, the Hatch cup is a national tournament, and the teams come from all over New Zealand, too compete to see who can win the Hatch cup.

It was the first day of the Hatch cup and we was playing Tauranga. Tauranga was a extremely skilled team that had a lot of players that could dribble the ball down the field and that could hit the ball extremely fast, the game had started and Tauranga had score a goal within 30 seconds, but as soon as they score we score a goal, and the crowd went crazy, and that was my first goal in the season. It was halftime and the game was still tied game at one goal a piece. The game had ended and the final score was  3 - 1, and Tauranga had won the game. After the game we had a great night because we went out to Sky city and we went to this really nice buffet that had sooooo much nice food, and all of us couldn’t stop eating because of how nice it was.

It was the third day of the Hatch cup of 2017, and we had just won our first game yesterday, the score was 2 - 0. But today we had a extremely hard game on our hands, we was vsing Otago and they was a extremely skilled that team, that played really well. Both teams came out like they was no tomorrow, it was halftime and the score was 1 - 1. The second half had started, and all of the momentum was going to Otago and they won the game 3 - 2, we was all upset that we had lost but the good thing about that night was we out for dinner, and it was one of those places that cooks your food right in front of you.

It was the second to last day at Hatch cup, and we had to win our next game if we wanted to play for 9th or 10th, but the cool thing was that if u come 9th place you still get a really cool cup that is bigger that the Hatch cup. For our hockey game it was one of the latest games and it was at 8.00 o’clock and our whole hockey team was getting ready to play this game, and we had to win this game, otherwise our coach would get extremely angry at us, because he wants to win just as much as us. But luckily we won that game and we was going for the cup for tomorrow's game. The best thing about the day was that because we won our game we was able to stay up and watch movies and eat pizza, all as a team.

It was the last day of Hatch cup and it has been a great week, with the whole team, i’m going to remember that week for the rest of my life. We had our game of hatch cup and I was looking forward to it, because we could get a cup, it was about 10 minutes away from our game, and the other team came out swinging, but luckily we got the first goal and we was up by one. For the whole game, both teams was fighting to get the ball, but we was able to hold the lead and we won the game, and get the 9th place cup. After the game we got the cup and we all filled it up with coke, and drank out of it, and that was the end of the Hatch cup.  

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