Tuesday, 17 October 2017


On the weekend of the second week I had the opportunity To go down south towards taupo for a football tournament for my brother. When we were down there we stay in the DeBretts Spa resort. With  My brothers football team. It was a total of a three and a half hour drive to get to taupo.

When we first arrived at our apartment We unpacked our equipment and food and out to explore our new environment Me and my sister walked around the resort when we saw this little girl with 6 gold chains hanging from her neck each with a dollar sign on it. She was also wearing a shirt that said “yolo swag”.😎 She
looked around 5 years old. We thought her parents were crazy it was one of my brother’s friends sisters.

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On the saturday morning we left to go out to one off my brother's soccer games. The entire reason why we were there. He played most of the game until he got injured and sent off. I also spotted avinash playing at the tournament he was with papatoetoe football team. But the thing is 90% of his team was indian and most Spoke a different language which was confusing... 😕

On the way back from taupo there was a car crash When we were almost home so the police blocked off the entire road...😢 so we were forced to turn back around and travel 20 km just to go around it and head home. In the car Most of my family was asleep apart from the driver and i took a sick video on my ipad of my brother drooling 😂

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