Monday, 16 October 2017

Rotovegas! Luge

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In the holidays I went to Rotorua for my sister’s Touch Rugby tournament. Since I was not so interested in Touch. My dad took me to the luge, a cart track going down the big hill (just as you enter the town). Since it is on a hill we had to use the mobile elevator to get to the top. On the elevator dad would not stay quiet. He was talking about all of the courses and how he was going to whoop my butt. He was way to cocky. Once we got to the top of the mountain, dad and I raced to get a helmet for the carts. After finding, and adjusting our helmets, dad and I headed to the carts for some fun!
After finishing our first ride. A lady with 4 kids had been waiting in the line for the lift (the “lift” is a bench with a rail. It is attached to a line that pulls them up the hill and back down again). Since my dad was a nice old man, he told the lady that we could take a little kid up with us on the lift. I’ll just say it was an awkward ride…(but I did see a wild rabbit) Once we were back in the line dad and I kept making silly faces at each other. But eventually went back to our game faces and raced down the hill. While on one of the tracks I went to fast around a corner and crashed into the side of the tracks it shocked me so much! But in the end I catched up to dad and win (which was funny). Our 3rd and 4th race wasn't too intense. On our last ride dad purposely pulled me back so he could get in front of me, but the guy that worked there was really nice and pushed me forward giving me more speed. But it wasn't enough because he won that race. The big cheater!
After we finished all of the luge rides, dad and I bought some jelly beans from the jelly bean store we were going to do the bambezela challenge but the line got too big and I didn’t feel like staying for half an hour when there is a chance I might get some disgusting flavour like vomit, or canned dog food! After buying a packet of yummy jelly beans, dad and I got onto the elevator and shared them between ourselves while going down the mountain.
As the day was coming to an end, dad and I stopped at Burger Fuel for lunch. It was funny because the restaurant made really big burgers, and dad was full for the entire night! But I was okay because I was smart and got a small burger. After having a nice lunch me and dad headed back to my Nana's house (where we were staying) and had a nice dinner. (and a nice desert!)

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