Wednesday, 18 October 2017


NZ Dog Show

Packing all these plants into a super tiny to go to the Vodafone Event Centre for the official 2017 National NZ Dog Show. There were so many things to be packed up and taken over to the arena but the downside was that everything was at the Ardmore grounds and it took quite a long time to get to the arena. There was prizes to be packed,plants to be loaded into vans,and signs that had to be packed up in bunches of cars.
There is heaps of different groups in a dog show like Toy Group - is the smaller group of dogs that will grow into bigger dogs. Terrier Group -  is for all of the Terrier breeds of Terriers eg: Scottish Terrier,Jack Russell. Gundog Group - is the more trainable bigger dogs that are very energetic. Hound Group -  is the breeds of hounds and dogs that hunt rabbits,bears,lions, etc. Working Group - is the dogs that herd sheep and cattle. Utility Group - is all about the larger breeds of dogs. Last but not least Non Sporting Group -  is where you would find the more unusual breeds. When everything got delivered the setup lady Jean had a plan of how she was going to set up the rings for the dog show so around 4 hours later the hall was set up and everyone one went upstairs to have snacks and drinks.

On Friday everyone was figuring out where they were going to help out. I got put at a stall where I was handing/selling out catalogs and magazine so everyone could see what was going on over the 3 days. I was also selling grooming spots so people could have their own spot for Sunday which was when Best in show would happen. At morning tea time we went up the elevator to the 2nd floor and we had juice and a vegetarian scone. Then I went and helped out at the front door where I learned how to use a credit card machine. Lunchtime came around and we got given a brown bag with a Beef or Ham sandwich with an apple and a brownie. After lunch the show continued with the judges judging all of the different groups. At morning tea and lunch the judges and stewards(Judges helpers) got to sit in this big room on the top floor level 3. The crew was on the second floor and that is where they would eat. The Judges and Stewards got a lot better food than the crew as they were the visitors. Most of the Judges and Stewards were from overseas eg: Canada,Argentina,Netherlands and there was even a judge from Chile.

Saturday was a boring day as it was the same as Friday and everything went slower than planned. At least on Saturday there were more people there than Friday.

Sunday came along and it was the most exciting day to be at the Dog show as all of the finals happened and it was when they would announce the winners. The most biggest award or cup was Best in show which is the dog that was the most successful dog over the 3 days. On Sunday my dad came to watch so we sat at the top of the arena and ate our lunch well we watched the finals begin.
Since I don’t have a dog yet and I really want one I spent the whole time pointing out to my dad what dog I wanted and why. My mum was super busy organizing since she is the Chairman of Dogs NZ. At the end of lunch some really cool performances happened there was 3 people who did dancing with dogs and a few people who set up obstacles and they raced their dogs to see who would be the fastest dog. Some younger kids did YKC(Young Kennel Club) and they walked around the ring and the judge picked the best dog. The last performance was one of my dad’s friends Maori group did a cool dance and sang lots of songs.

Overall I had heaps of fun at the 2017 National Dog Show and I recommend it to anyone who loves dogs or anyone who wants to get a dog as their are lots of breeders of dogs there that you could possibly buy a dog off.

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