Wednesday, 18 October 2017

My recount

The very first thing I did when our break came was, go and look after my Great Grandma. I made sure she was eating and drinking, taking her pills and making sure she was sleeping ok as well. The second event that I think was really cool was going to practice with my sister. We went to my cousin's house and practiced 5 of our dances for my Great Grandmas birthday to come. It was so tiring but worth it in the end. We are still perfecting the dance so we can get it right without mistakes, and practice our song that we are doing together for her birthday as well. We also held family meetings at my grandma’s house every Saturday and Sunday as well.

The third event that basically made my holiday. Was going to the breakers game in the spark arena. I went with Branden, Eden, and my Dad and had so much fun. We made sure all the other people in the stands made sure that we supported the Breakers, and after the game, we passed the hot food stand and the lady that managed it asked us if we wanted free food. Of course, we said yes and grabbed SO  much food. Except for me, I grabbed an American hot dog and that was it. But the other boys got 3 packs of hot chips with chicken nuggets or small hot dogs in it and hot chips by itself. When we got out of the building Branden and Eden held so much food that it wasn’t even funny. But we passed a homeless dude and gave their food to him. Well, some of it. I gave my dad’s chips to him and Eden and Branden gave half their food to him. Which was HEAPS.

Overall I thought I had a pretty good holiday. Looking after my Great-grandma. Going to spend some time with family. Practicing our dance for my great grandma 90th and going to the Breakers game. The only that I thought was sort of annoying was that my Dad only bought tickets to the Breakers basketball game so he could get out of a meeting with our family. But I definitely had a good time at the game. We didn’t have to go overseas or anything like that to enjoy the holidays as well. So I thought that these holidays were good as a sort of relaxing holiday and a holiday where it wasn’t about me or my sister but spending time with family and friends

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