Tuesday, 17 October 2017

My holiday in Taupo

My Holiday

On the second week of the school holidays on Friday my brother, my Mum, Marc and I went to Taupo. The trip was supposed to be for my brother as there was a big football tournament going on but there were too many teams in his grade so a couple of teams had to get kicked out of the tournament. Unfortunately one of those teams were my brother's team so we decided to go on holiday in Taupo.

It was a three-hour drive which was annoying but the trip was worth as it was sunny most of the way and in Taupo. We booked a batch near the lake and I didn’t even swim which was annoying. So for the first day, we unpacked all our luggage and food and everything and got settled into our batch. The next day. The next day (Saturday) we went to Mount Ruapehu which was where the snow was.   
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The drive was an hour and a half which was a pretty long time in my opinion but again it was definitely worth it. On the way to
Mount Ruapehu we passed the giant carrot in Ohakune.

When we got to the mountain it was absolutely packed and there was no parking what so ever. When we did find a parking though we went straight to the snow, well my brother did so we followed. We had a snowball fight and it was quite fun. The ‘snow’ was like ice and it was hard to throw but it was funny seeing my brother fall over every five minutes. After that, we went back to the batch.

That was my holiday.         

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