Tuesday, 17 October 2017

My Holiday By Mason

In my holidays I celebrated my birthday even though my birthday was the tuesday before the holidays I also got to go to a expensive skateboard shop. I will be telling you about my holiday.

First fun thing I did in the holiday was going to meet up with my nan at coffee club I also got to see my aunty too. She likes anime so i get cool stuff from her. I ended up having a chocolate milkshake and a cheese scone we enjoyed that and after we left from the coffee club we went to the warehouse that was across the road and I got a new book the glass throne I like this book because I have  a quarter left to read.Image result for coffee club png

The second thing was when I celebrated my birthday on wednesday 1st week of holidays because my family could not make on my real birthday but I rather celebrate in the holidays. We had domino's pizza, chocolate chip biscuits, doritos and for dessert my cake was a carrot cake. My presents that I got on wednesday where a new game dragon hunters stories, I got new parts to make my scooter better and look cool, I got a basketball and I got two books one skullduggery mortal coil and assassin's creed the first book in the series.Image result for monster hunters stories png

My last fun thing I did was when I was at my dad's for the weekend. There was surprise for me for my birthday and we ended up going to this skate shop called skate beach we went Into the shoe area of the shop and my dad said pick a shoe that Is for skateboarding I ended up getting converse hightops. Right after we brought them I put them on and begged my dad to take us to the skatepark and he said “yes”. We arrived and I got out of the car with my skateboard  and I jumped on and went down and up the ramps and practised my ollies (they are jumps). I also got some tips from pro skateboarders. The Tips were that the tip of your converse are to brake your skateboard and they also taught me how to go up a ramp and turn on the ramp to go back down.Image result for converse high tops png

I really enjoy my holiday because It was cool to see family members, also celebrating my birthday with family and getting those shoes to help me with what I like to do. Thanks for reading my holiday.

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