Monday, 23 October 2017


“YASSSS” when I found out that Josephine was going to come over for sleepovers I couldn't wait I was excited and couldn't stop thinking about the good time we are going to have while she was going to stay over at my place, so I just sit and wait on my phone at my mum’s and aunty’s cafe and wait patiently with Ashlee on our phones watching youtube and looking at instagram also texting people. I texted Josephine to see where she was but she didn't reply so I waited and waited till I eventually gave up and went to play outside with Ashlee playing, some music and doing

Once we finished playing Ashlee and I went back into the cafe and went back on our phones to check if we had any messages but there was nothing so Ashlee and I complained about how long was Josephine going to take to arrive, then she finally texted back and said “ sorry I just woke up” I was like “ seriously” so she quickly went and got ready and then she had finally arrived to the cafe. While we were hanging out at the library we went back to the cafe and made a Ice chocolate , once we finished we all had to help stack up the chairs which was boring because if we wanted to go home earlier then we had to help with cleaning up.

After everything was packed up that’s when we could go home but instead Josephine, Ashlee and I went with Ashlee’s mum to go shopping for clothes at Manukau Mall, once we reached Manukau we went to Farmers and while we were shopping Josephine and I got bored and went of to the boys clothes and started trying them on, but once we had enough we went and got some food to eat. After spending couple of hours there it was time to go home, we headed to the car and off we went back to my grandma’s house where my mum was waiting there for us and because she was also having dinner there.

After finishing up having dinner at my grandma´s house, we got ready to head back to my place for the night as soon as we reached my house I gave josephine a tour around our house and then settled in on where we were going to sleep.All three of us ( Ashlee, Josephine and I ) stayed up late playing games and we also did the bean boozle challenge but we all gave up because it was disgusting, and so I gave it away to my other cousin Maylee to do with her friend. Later that night while Ashlee and Josephine we in my bed and I was lying on the floor I decided to scare them and so I would go down at the end of the bed and put my hand in through the blankets and grab their legs, they both screamed so loud that my parents heard and we got in trouble.

The next day ( saturday ) it was boring because we didn't really do anything, but instead Ashlee and I gave Josephine a tour around Wattle downs and stopped off at the park to play a bit. Once we had enough playing at the park we went back home and Ashlee and Josephine went to sleep which left me alone but I fell asleep an hour after them. To be honest that day had sucked, but moving on to the next day Sunday,  Sunday was a more better day because Josephine and I went to the Mall and went shopping for gifts for Josephine's birthday present and we bought two t-shirts for her and then went and got a frozen drink for Mcdonald's and that was all we did.

Overall My holiday was fun when Josephine came over but it was also really boring because I didn't have much fun all I had to do was work at my mumś cafe for the 2 weeks and didn't get to spend time outdoors playing with friends and family.

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