Wednesday, 18 October 2017


To the bay of islands

It was Tuesday morning 6:00am. With my alarm screaming in my face I sluggishly rolled out of bed and turned it off. It took me a few minutes to wake up and fully realize what was going on. We were going to The Bay of Islands today! The rest of my family rose slowly as we all zombied our way to the car. Callahan, Xavier and I were going to take the Intercity bus for the first time because Mum and Dad both had work that week. We were all very excited for the long journey ahead. Not a visible enthusiasm but a hidden one, an excitement burning with a cold flame. Mum dropped us off at the city center car park, from where we boarded our bus and took our seats. Waving goodbye, we were off!

3 hours later we arrived in Whangarei, were my cousin Isaac picked us up. We then stopped for a bit to play on the playground (It doesn’t matter how old I am I will never turn down a good playground)
When we got to the bay of islands we were greeted by smiling faces, laughter and hugs. Sitting down to watch a movie an idea sprung to mind. I explained that we could make a comedy short film on chess. They were not to convinced at first but we planned it out anyway and decided it was better than what I thought it would be. Aria (my cousin) wrote a script and printed it out. Here were the characters:
  • Ruben - Ethan - Weird chessplayer
  • Callahan - - Ethan’s nonsupportive dad
  • Aria - Sue - Ethan’s nonsupportive mum
  • Xavier -  - Ethan’s ‘swag’ little brother
  • Brooklyn - Jennifer - Ethan’s deaf piano teacher
  • Noah - cameraman

The next morning the short film took flight. Noah screaming in our faces as we got our costumes. “No! No! No! It doesn’t look right!” was a common thing Noah would say when we moved something out of place. It took us ages to film our first scene, maybe if we were all not so fussy it would have gone faster. Before we knew it, the lunch bell rang. We had only shot two scenes so far which I could tell Noah was not happy about. After lunch, we got straight back into action, and Noah took charge once again.

A day later we had shot all our scenes and Aria was putting them all together. Our Uncles called us childish for making such a film. But Noah replied with “A little nonsense now or then, is cherished by the wisest men.” Our Uncles were so shook that their 14-year-old nephew had just said that and didn’t really bother us again.

Saturday night we all sat around the tv and plugged in the computer. Watching the final film was nothing like I thought it would turn out to be. But it was a change and Noah was quite proud of it.

Sunday 3:00pm dad picked us up and we drove home. Back to our normal boring lives, we go. To be honest I was kind of excited to go back to school because I hadn’t seen Chloe in a whole week!

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