Thursday, 19 October 2017


What an amazing two weeks we’ve had off school. Especially the last two days of it. It was a normal day, it was quite boring actually. All I did was play on the Xbox. Until my cousin came with my brothers. But before we could actually do anything we had to have dinner first. So after we had dinner we went outside and played table tennis. It was actually quite fun since all I did was play Xbox the whole holiday.

After that, his parents left, and as soon as they left we decided to pop on the Xbox. We got a few snacks and stayed up until 12 AM. But it was only when we realized the time we went to sleep. When we woke up we had to have breakfast. My mum cooked me some eggs and bacon. Once we finished breakfast we went on the Xbox again. We finished at 11 AM and went to go play touch at the beach. Obviously, we lost since Luke was on the other team with Riki.

We went to the shop shortly after, and then after that, we went back onto the Xbox. At 7 PM we went downstairs to watch Netflix and eat some snacks. The movies we watched was cars and the Incredibles. Since we haven’t seen it in a while. We were waiting for my mum to come back since she went to the shop. It was almost 10 when my mum came back. But when she did she came with my aunty to take my cousin back home. Then we stopped watching movies and went to bed.            

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