Monday, 23 October 2017


“YASSSS” when I found out that Josephine was going to come over for sleepovers I couldn't wait I was excited and couldn't stop thinking about the good time we are going to have while she was going to stay over at my place, so I just sit and wait on my phone at my mum’s and aunty’s cafe and wait patiently with Ashlee on our phones watching youtube and looking at instagram also texting people. I texted Josephine to see where she was but she didn't reply so I waited and waited till I eventually gave up and went to play outside with Ashlee playing, some music and doing

Once we finished playing Ashlee and I went back into the cafe and went back on our phones to check if we had any messages but there was nothing so Ashlee and I complained about how long was Josephine going to take to arrive, then she finally texted back and said “ sorry I just woke up” I was like “ seriously” so she quickly went and got ready and then she had finally arrived to the cafe. While we were hanging out at the library we went back to the cafe and made a Ice chocolate , once we finished we all had to help stack up the chairs which was boring because if we wanted to go home earlier then we had to help with cleaning up.

After everything was packed up that’s when we could go home but instead Josephine, Ashlee and I went with Ashlee’s mum to go shopping for clothes at Manukau Mall, once we reached Manukau we went to Farmers and while we were shopping Josephine and I got bored and went of to the boys clothes and started trying them on, but once we had enough we went and got some food to eat. After spending couple of hours there it was time to go home, we headed to the car and off we went back to my grandma’s house where my mum was waiting there for us and because she was also having dinner there.

After finishing up having dinner at my grandma´s house, we got ready to head back to my place for the night as soon as we reached my house I gave josephine a tour around our house and then settled in on where we were going to sleep.All three of us ( Ashlee, Josephine and I ) stayed up late playing games and we also did the bean boozle challenge but we all gave up because it was disgusting, and so I gave it away to my other cousin Maylee to do with her friend. Later that night while Ashlee and Josephine we in my bed and I was lying on the floor I decided to scare them and so I would go down at the end of the bed and put my hand in through the blankets and grab their legs, they both screamed so loud that my parents heard and we got in trouble.

The next day ( saturday ) it was boring because we didn't really do anything, but instead Ashlee and I gave Josephine a tour around Wattle downs and stopped off at the park to play a bit. Once we had enough playing at the park we went back home and Ashlee and Josephine went to sleep which left me alone but I fell asleep an hour after them. To be honest that day had sucked, but moving on to the next day Sunday,  Sunday was a more better day because Josephine and I went to the Mall and went shopping for gifts for Josephine's birthday present and we bought two t-shirts for her and then went and got a frozen drink for Mcdonald's and that was all we did.

Overall My holiday was fun when Josephine came over but it was also really boring because I didn't have much fun all I had to do was work at my mumś cafe for the 2 weeks and didn't get to spend time outdoors playing with friends and family.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Two weeks of freedom
9:00am September the 30 I woke up to my alarm going I reach over to my phone and turn it off but also waking up to my Mum not yelling at me Jade wake up you're LATE and instead of that i'm Waking up in a caravan in matarangi listening to the close by waves crashing on the shore with my best friend Emma right next to me.That's when I knew, my holidays have started.Me and Emma decided to get up get dressed and go out for breakfast because we didn’t want to waste to much of our holidays just laying in bed.

After breakfast we went to New Chums beach and that beach is one of the top ten beaches in the word.Me and Emma didn't really swim because most of the time we were taking photos and exploring the beach after that we saw this cave that we wanted to take photos in so we got all our stuff and moved. We got to the cave and Emma gave me her phone asking me to take a photo of her. 50 photos later I asks if she can do some photos of me and, she said yes. So I went to go get my phone and it was gone!

I was panicking saying to myself my Mum's going to kill me.I started going red, bright red and I had to tell Emma. “Emma my phone is missing, but don't make a big thing about it ok.” “What you lost your phone your Mums going to kill you!” She shouted. I looked at her and gave her the look and said “Ughh come on just follow my tracks back.” So that's what we did,I was so scared the sea had swallowed it or if these guys had stole it. “Jade I found it!” Shouted Emma with excitement. “I feel like a hero.” Said Emma . “I feel lucky you found it.” I said. After a long day at New Chums.

The Next day had come along and it was the day we go home and I get really car  sick so had to take my car sick pills.I told my Mum that I would be coming home tomorrow so I could surprise her but I made sure they weren't going out. When I got home the surprise went so well because someone was coming over so they thought I was that person until I got closer and everyone got surprised in the end.


What an amazing two weeks we’ve had off school. Especially the last two days of it. It was a normal day, it was quite boring actually. All I did was play on the Xbox. Until my cousin came with my brothers. But before we could actually do anything we had to have dinner first. So after we had dinner we went outside and played table tennis. It was actually quite fun since all I did was play Xbox the whole holiday.

After that, his parents left, and as soon as they left we decided to pop on the Xbox. We got a few snacks and stayed up until 12 AM. But it was only when we realized the time we went to sleep. When we woke up we had to have breakfast. My mum cooked me some eggs and bacon. Once we finished breakfast we went on the Xbox again. We finished at 11 AM and went to go play touch at the beach. Obviously, we lost since Luke was on the other team with Riki.

We went to the shop shortly after, and then after that, we went back onto the Xbox. At 7 PM we went downstairs to watch Netflix and eat some snacks. The movies we watched was cars and the Incredibles. Since we haven’t seen it in a while. We were waiting for my mum to come back since she went to the shop. It was almost 10 when my mum came back. But when she did she came with my aunty to take my cousin back home. Then we stopped watching movies and went to bed.            

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


To the bay of islands

It was Tuesday morning 6:00am. With my alarm screaming in my face I sluggishly rolled out of bed and turned it off. It took me a few minutes to wake up and fully realize what was going on. We were going to The Bay of Islands today! The rest of my family rose slowly as we all zombied our way to the car. Callahan, Xavier and I were going to take the Intercity bus for the first time because Mum and Dad both had work that week. We were all very excited for the long journey ahead. Not a visible enthusiasm but a hidden one, an excitement burning with a cold flame. Mum dropped us off at the city center car park, from where we boarded our bus and took our seats. Waving goodbye, we were off!

3 hours later we arrived in Whangarei, were my cousin Isaac picked us up. We then stopped for a bit to play on the playground (It doesn’t matter how old I am I will never turn down a good playground)
When we got to the bay of islands we were greeted by smiling faces, laughter and hugs. Sitting down to watch a movie an idea sprung to mind. I explained that we could make a comedy short film on chess. They were not to convinced at first but we planned it out anyway and decided it was better than what I thought it would be. Aria (my cousin) wrote a script and printed it out. Here were the characters:
  • Ruben - Ethan - Weird chessplayer
  • Callahan - - Ethan’s nonsupportive dad
  • Aria - Sue - Ethan’s nonsupportive mum
  • Xavier -  - Ethan’s ‘swag’ little brother
  • Brooklyn - Jennifer - Ethan’s deaf piano teacher
  • Noah - cameraman

The next morning the short film took flight. Noah screaming in our faces as we got our costumes. “No! No! No! It doesn’t look right!” was a common thing Noah would say when we moved something out of place. It took us ages to film our first scene, maybe if we were all not so fussy it would have gone faster. Before we knew it, the lunch bell rang. We had only shot two scenes so far which I could tell Noah was not happy about. After lunch, we got straight back into action, and Noah took charge once again.

A day later we had shot all our scenes and Aria was putting them all together. Our Uncles called us childish for making such a film. But Noah replied with “A little nonsense now or then, is cherished by the wisest men.” Our Uncles were so shook that their 14-year-old nephew had just said that and didn’t really bother us again.

Saturday night we all sat around the tv and plugged in the computer. Watching the final film was nothing like I thought it would turn out to be. But it was a change and Noah was quite proud of it.

Sunday 3:00pm dad picked us up and we drove home. Back to our normal boring lives, we go. To be honest I was kind of excited to go back to school because I hadn’t seen Chloe in a whole week!


In the holidays I didn't really do much but the most interesting thing I did was go to the cinemas and watch Blade Runner 2049 with my Brother Josh

But before we got there we drive to our Nana and Grandads house Me and my Nana then went to the dentist because I had a dental appointment we then were told I had to have another appointment to fix the hole in my tooth.

After coming back to our Nana and Grandads we then stayed for an hour watching TV then went to the mall and had some lunch I had McDonalds and so did Quinn my Brother had Butter Chicken and my Nana had kebabs.
Me and My brother Josh then went to countdown and bought some lollies and then ate them. Whe then went to the movies we got the tickets and went up to the movies. It was super long but was pretty cool.

I had a lot of fun that day and it was pretty fun and the movie was pretty good


NZ Dog Show

Packing all these plants into a super tiny to go to the Vodafone Event Centre for the official 2017 National NZ Dog Show. There were so many things to be packed up and taken over to the arena but the downside was that everything was at the Ardmore grounds and it took quite a long time to get to the arena. There was prizes to be packed,plants to be loaded into vans,and signs that had to be packed up in bunches of cars.
There is heaps of different groups in a dog show like Toy Group - is the smaller group of dogs that will grow into bigger dogs. Terrier Group -  is for all of the Terrier breeds of Terriers eg: Scottish Terrier,Jack Russell. Gundog Group - is the more trainable bigger dogs that are very energetic. Hound Group -  is the breeds of hounds and dogs that hunt rabbits,bears,lions, etc. Working Group - is the dogs that herd sheep and cattle. Utility Group - is all about the larger breeds of dogs. Last but not least Non Sporting Group -  is where you would find the more unusual breeds. When everything got delivered the setup lady Jean had a plan of how she was going to set up the rings for the dog show so around 4 hours later the hall was set up and everyone one went upstairs to have snacks and drinks.

On Friday everyone was figuring out where they were going to help out. I got put at a stall where I was handing/selling out catalogs and magazine so everyone could see what was going on over the 3 days. I was also selling grooming spots so people could have their own spot for Sunday which was when Best in show would happen. At morning tea time we went up the elevator to the 2nd floor and we had juice and a vegetarian scone. Then I went and helped out at the front door where I learned how to use a credit card machine. Lunchtime came around and we got given a brown bag with a Beef or Ham sandwich with an apple and a brownie. After lunch the show continued with the judges judging all of the different groups. At morning tea and lunch the judges and stewards(Judges helpers) got to sit in this big room on the top floor level 3. The crew was on the second floor and that is where they would eat. The Judges and Stewards got a lot better food than the crew as they were the visitors. Most of the Judges and Stewards were from overseas eg: Canada,Argentina,Netherlands and there was even a judge from Chile.

Saturday was a boring day as it was the same as Friday and everything went slower than planned. At least on Saturday there were more people there than Friday.

Sunday came along and it was the most exciting day to be at the Dog show as all of the finals happened and it was when they would announce the winners. The most biggest award or cup was Best in show which is the dog that was the most successful dog over the 3 days. On Sunday my dad came to watch so we sat at the top of the arena and ate our lunch well we watched the finals begin.
Since I don’t have a dog yet and I really want one I spent the whole time pointing out to my dad what dog I wanted and why. My mum was super busy organizing since she is the Chairman of Dogs NZ. At the end of lunch some really cool performances happened there was 3 people who did dancing with dogs and a few people who set up obstacles and they raced their dogs to see who would be the fastest dog. Some younger kids did YKC(Young Kennel Club) and they walked around the ring and the judge picked the best dog. The last performance was one of my dad’s friends Maori group did a cool dance and sang lots of songs.

Overall I had heaps of fun at the 2017 National Dog Show and I recommend it to anyone who loves dogs or anyone who wants to get a dog as their are lots of breeders of dogs there that you could possibly buy a dog off.

My recount

The very first thing I did when our break came was, go and look after my Great Grandma. I made sure she was eating and drinking, taking her pills and making sure she was sleeping ok as well. The second event that I think was really cool was going to practice with my sister. We went to my cousin's house and practiced 5 of our dances for my Great Grandmas birthday to come. It was so tiring but worth it in the end. We are still perfecting the dance so we can get it right without mistakes, and practice our song that we are doing together for her birthday as well. We also held family meetings at my grandma’s house every Saturday and Sunday as well.

The third event that basically made my holiday. Was going to the breakers game in the spark arena. I went with Branden, Eden, and my Dad and had so much fun. We made sure all the other people in the stands made sure that we supported the Breakers, and after the game, we passed the hot food stand and the lady that managed it asked us if we wanted free food. Of course, we said yes and grabbed SO  much food. Except for me, I grabbed an American hot dog and that was it. But the other boys got 3 packs of hot chips with chicken nuggets or small hot dogs in it and hot chips by itself. When we got out of the building Branden and Eden held so much food that it wasn’t even funny. But we passed a homeless dude and gave their food to him. Well, some of it. I gave my dad’s chips to him and Eden and Branden gave half their food to him. Which was HEAPS.

Overall I thought I had a pretty good holiday. Looking after my Great-grandma. Going to spend some time with family. Practicing our dance for my great grandma 90th and going to the Breakers game. The only that I thought was sort of annoying was that my Dad only bought tickets to the Breakers basketball game so he could get out of a meeting with our family. But I definitely had a good time at the game. We didn’t have to go overseas or anything like that to enjoy the holidays as well. So I thought that these holidays were good as a sort of relaxing holiday and a holiday where it wasn’t about me or my sister but spending time with family and friends

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

My holiday in Taupo

My Holiday

On the second week of the school holidays on Friday my brother, my Mum, Marc and I went to Taupo. The trip was supposed to be for my brother as there was a big football tournament going on but there were too many teams in his grade so a couple of teams had to get kicked out of the tournament. Unfortunately one of those teams were my brother's team so we decided to go on holiday in Taupo.

It was a three-hour drive which was annoying but the trip was worth as it was sunny most of the way and in Taupo. We booked a batch near the lake and I didn’t even swim which was annoying. So for the first day, we unpacked all our luggage and food and everything and got settled into our batch. The next day. The next day (Saturday) we went to Mount Ruapehu which was where the snow was.   
   Image result for mt ruapehu

The drive was an hour and a half which was a pretty long time in my opinion but again it was definitely worth it. On the way to
Mount Ruapehu we passed the giant carrot in Ohakune.

When we got to the mountain it was absolutely packed and there was no parking what so ever. When we did find a parking though we went straight to the snow, well my brother did so we followed. We had a snowball fight and it was quite fun. The ‘snow’ was like ice and it was hard to throw but it was funny seeing my brother fall over every five minutes. After that, we went back to the batch.

That was my holiday.         


On the weekend of the second week I had the opportunity To go down south towards taupo for a football tournament for my brother. When we were down there we stay in the DeBretts Spa resort. With  My brothers football team. It was a total of a three and a half hour drive to get to taupo.

When we first arrived at our apartment We unpacked our equipment and food and out to explore our new environment Me and my sister walked around the resort when we saw this little girl with 6 gold chains hanging from her neck each with a dollar sign on it. She was also wearing a shirt that said “yolo swag”.😎 She
looked around 5 years old. We thought her parents were crazy it was one of my brother’s friends sisters.

Image result for debretts
On the saturday morning we left to go out to one off my brother's soccer games. The entire reason why we were there. He played most of the game until he got injured and sent off. I also spotted avinash playing at the tournament he was with papatoetoe football team. But the thing is 90% of his team was indian and most Spoke a different language which was confusing... 😕

On the way back from taupo there was a car crash When we were almost home so the police blocked off the entire road...😢 so we were forced to turn back around and travel 20 km just to go around it and head home. In the car Most of my family was asleep apart from the driver and i took a sick video on my ipad of my brother drooling 😂

The 2017 Hatch Cup

On the 8th of October, the Under 13 hatch boys was getting ready for the under 13 hatch cup. The hatch cup is were there are 24 teams that are competing for the hatch cup, the Hatch cup is a national tournament, and the teams come from all over New Zealand, too compete to see who can win the Hatch cup.

It was the first day of the Hatch cup and we was playing Tauranga. Tauranga was a extremely skilled team that had a lot of players that could dribble the ball down the field and that could hit the ball extremely fast, the game had started and Tauranga had score a goal within 30 seconds, but as soon as they score we score a goal, and the crowd went crazy, and that was my first goal in the season. It was halftime and the game was still tied game at one goal a piece. The game had ended and the final score was  3 - 1, and Tauranga had won the game. After the game we had a great night because we went out to Sky city and we went to this really nice buffet that had sooooo much nice food, and all of us couldn’t stop eating because of how nice it was.

It was the third day of the Hatch cup of 2017, and we had just won our first game yesterday, the score was 2 - 0. But today we had a extremely hard game on our hands, we was vsing Otago and they was a extremely skilled that team, that played really well. Both teams came out like they was no tomorrow, it was halftime and the score was 1 - 1. The second half had started, and all of the momentum was going to Otago and they won the game 3 - 2, we was all upset that we had lost but the good thing about that night was we out for dinner, and it was one of those places that cooks your food right in front of you.

It was the second to last day at Hatch cup, and we had to win our next game if we wanted to play for 9th or 10th, but the cool thing was that if u come 9th place you still get a really cool cup that is bigger that the Hatch cup. For our hockey game it was one of the latest games and it was at 8.00 o’clock and our whole hockey team was getting ready to play this game, and we had to win this game, otherwise our coach would get extremely angry at us, because he wants to win just as much as us. But luckily we won that game and we was going for the cup for tomorrow's game. The best thing about the day was that because we won our game we was able to stay up and watch movies and eat pizza, all as a team.

It was the last day of Hatch cup and it has been a great week, with the whole team, i’m going to remember that week for the rest of my life. We had our game of hatch cup and I was looking forward to it, because we could get a cup, it was about 10 minutes away from our game, and the other team came out swinging, but luckily we got the first goal and we was up by one. For the whole game, both teams was fighting to get the ball, but we was able to hold the lead and we won the game, and get the 9th place cup. After the game we got the cup and we all filled it up with coke, and drank out of it, and that was the end of the Hatch cup.  

My Holiday By Mason

In my holidays I celebrated my birthday even though my birthday was the tuesday before the holidays I also got to go to a expensive skateboard shop. I will be telling you about my holiday.

First fun thing I did in the holiday was going to meet up with my nan at coffee club I also got to see my aunty too. She likes anime so i get cool stuff from her. I ended up having a chocolate milkshake and a cheese scone we enjoyed that and after we left from the coffee club we went to the warehouse that was across the road and I got a new book the glass throne I like this book because I have  a quarter left to read.Image result for coffee club png

The second thing was when I celebrated my birthday on wednesday 1st week of holidays because my family could not make on my real birthday but I rather celebrate in the holidays. We had domino's pizza, chocolate chip biscuits, doritos and for dessert my cake was a carrot cake. My presents that I got on wednesday where a new game dragon hunters stories, I got new parts to make my scooter better and look cool, I got a basketball and I got two books one skullduggery mortal coil and assassin's creed the first book in the series.Image result for monster hunters stories png

My last fun thing I did was when I was at my dad's for the weekend. There was surprise for me for my birthday and we ended up going to this skate shop called skate beach we went Into the shoe area of the shop and my dad said pick a shoe that Is for skateboarding I ended up getting converse hightops. Right after we brought them I put them on and begged my dad to take us to the skatepark and he said “yes”. We arrived and I got out of the car with my skateboard  and I jumped on and went down and up the ramps and practised my ollies (they are jumps). I also got some tips from pro skateboarders. The Tips were that the tip of your converse are to brake your skateboard and they also taught me how to go up a ramp and turn on the ramp to go back down.Image result for converse high tops png

I really enjoy my holiday because It was cool to see family members, also celebrating my birthday with family and getting those shoes to help me with what I like to do. Thanks for reading my holiday.

My Holiday

Screenshot 2017-10-17 at 12.32.14 PM.pngAlthough most of the holiday was boring I had my ups and downs of the two weeks. The first week was mostly boring we spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday packing and on Thursday and Friday we loaded the car and moved into our new house. The only downside to that was that was that there was there is a half an hour drive to school and back. I really enjoy the new house because it means there are no far drives to get to where we want everything is a few minutes away.

Image result for captain underpants movie
The second week was different we settled down in our new house and had gotten used to the new lifestyle. On Wednesday I had one of my friends come over and we went to the mall and just relaxed. On Thursday my sister and her friend dragged me along to go watch the Captain Underpants movie and all the way home all you could her was Tra la laaaaaaa! Over and over again eventually I had enough of it and took it out on my sister.

Screenshot 2017-10-18 at 11.36.42 AM.pngOf course my mum insisted I keep fit by going for a run three times a week. On Wednesday me and Dannielle went for a run and saw a boy walking around in a donut costume when we soon found out that you could buy a pizza and donut costume from Kmart. It turns out he was also vlogging because he says he has a “vlogging channel” we wern’t sure if we should believe that but we did.  

In the end it was a great holiday some parts boring some parts fun but at least I wasn’t stuck at home all day everyday. I guess not doing anything is teaching us how to keep ourselves entertained because our parents didn’t have TV, phones, X-Box or any of those things. So I am glad I did keep myself entertained.

U13 Girls Hockey

Image result for hockey countiesI hop into the van, on the way to Tauranga knowing I will have a great time. On the way down I could see everyone in the van were really excited for the week ahead. About half way to Tauranga we stopped at Paeroa and we walked over to the big L & P bottle and got a photo and also screamed our chant to the people who were in the cars going past. Then we walked over to Mac Donalds and got a hot chocolate. As soon as we got to Tauranga we went to our Motel where we were staying for the week. We went up stairs and went into one of the rooms waiting for our rooms to be called out.

Screenshot 2017-10-17 at 12.51.47 PM.png
After we had some food and got our rooms we had a meeting so we could know the plan for the rest of the day. After that we had this costume that people had to wear if they did something stupid and it’s called dork of the day and I had to wear it because at Mac Donalds I built a hot chocolate tower. After every body mocked me for wearing it we had to go unpack in our rooms. Then we went for a walk and got some lunch and we saw this person that was pretending to be a statue but was blinking a lot, I thought he was going to give us a fright. On day 1 we had to go for a morning run to wake up also we had 2 games that day we won one game and we lost the other.

Screenshot 2017-10-17 at 1.47.34 PM.pngOn day 2 we had another morning run and we had 2 games again the results were won one and we lost one again. After the first game we went and got some ice-cream from this really nice place where they make there own waffle cones. That day when we won the game it was about 7 o’clock and we were so happy that the photographer took so many photos of us. On day 3 we went for a morning run which was about 3 km overall. We had a game a few hours after that and we had a draw 1 all and that night on the website it said we had come 3rd in our pool.

Day 4 we had a little sleep in and we played one game, we vs Otago and we were down 2-0 at halftime and then we came back 2 all at full time and we had to go into drop offs which
No automatic alt text NO goalie only if there is a PC (penalty corner)and there is only allowed to be 9 players at all times on the turf, but same rules apply. We won 3-2 in the drop offs and we were then playing for 9-12th place. That evening we decorated our van we went down in (the photo was the winning section)! Day 5 we vs central Otago and we lost 0-4, we weren't to happy about that but we know we had to play harder in our next game. By then we were playing for 11th and 12th place. Day 6 we were tired but we didn’t give up we had one game that we had to win to be in 11th place and few hours later we had drawn 1 all and there were no drop offs so we came 11th equal.

Overall we went Counties hard in every game and I am so proud of what we achieved for Counties Manukau hockey U13 Girls collier team. All of our trainings and hard work paid off. Also I have got to know an awesome bunch of girls that hopefully I will see again.

Some photos from Google.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Rotovegas! Luge

Image result for rotovegas

In the holidays I went to Rotorua for my sister’s Touch Rugby tournament. Since I was not so interested in Touch. My dad took me to the luge, a cart track going down the big hill (just as you enter the town). Since it is on a hill we had to use the mobile elevator to get to the top. On the elevator dad would not stay quiet. He was talking about all of the courses and how he was going to whoop my butt. He was way to cocky. Once we got to the top of the mountain, dad and I raced to get a helmet for the carts. After finding, and adjusting our helmets, dad and I headed to the carts for some fun!
After finishing our first ride. A lady with 4 kids had been waiting in the line for the lift (the “lift” is a bench with a rail. It is attached to a line that pulls them up the hill and back down again). Since my dad was a nice old man, he told the lady that we could take a little kid up with us on the lift. I’ll just say it was an awkward ride…(but I did see a wild rabbit) Once we were back in the line dad and I kept making silly faces at each other. But eventually went back to our game faces and raced down the hill. While on one of the tracks I went to fast around a corner and crashed into the side of the tracks it shocked me so much! But in the end I catched up to dad and win (which was funny). Our 3rd and 4th race wasn't too intense. On our last ride dad purposely pulled me back so he could get in front of me, but the guy that worked there was really nice and pushed me forward giving me more speed. But it wasn't enough because he won that race. The big cheater!
After we finished all of the luge rides, dad and I bought some jelly beans from the jelly bean store we were going to do the bambezela challenge but the line got too big and I didn’t feel like staying for half an hour when there is a chance I might get some disgusting flavour like vomit, or canned dog food! After buying a packet of yummy jelly beans, dad and I got onto the elevator and shared them between ourselves while going down the mountain.
As the day was coming to an end, dad and I stopped at Burger Fuel for lunch. It was funny because the restaurant made really big burgers, and dad was full for the entire night! But I was okay because I was smart and got a small burger. After having a nice lunch me and dad headed back to my Nana's house (where we were staying) and had a nice dinner. (and a nice desert!)