Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Mutant Bee Invasion

It was the 29th of January, 2018 and it was my first day of college. I packed my bag and got ready for the day. My mum dropped me off to the bus stop and I was on my way. When we arrived we had an assembly to start us of for the year and we had a student to start us of. The student that I was put with was named James showed me around the school and he also gave me my timetable.

In my first period I had maths and I was really good at the questions because I learnt a lot from Mr Fourie's maths class at my old school. I made lots of friends and they were very kind. My new friends James had the same timetable as me and he showed my around to where the classes are at. For my last period I had inquiry and as when we were just about to leave our class locked and everyone else in the school got to leave. When the class locked everyone fell asleep from some gas bombs.

When I woke up it was around midnight and there were only a few lights on in the school. After every one woke up I decided to check if the door was unlocked and it was. We all walked as a group to the cafeteria
and we found our science teacher doing some experiments on  principal Genji. Principal Genji turned into a mutant bee and we got to run out in time. The mutant Genji bee took over the school and is still there till this day with huge honey combs and other huge bees. Soon later the bees had taken over the world and they could talk to humans and rule them.

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