Saturday, 2 September 2017

The Meteor Strike

Image result for mariinsky theatre’Straighten your legs,Spot in your turns,Smile,That leap should be higher’’Screams Miss Phillips. ’’Were trying’’says Anna and Viktor in a sleepy tired voice. Anna and Viktor are the most talented ballet dancers in Russia, they dance for the Russian ballet in the Mariinsky Theatre. They are both 17 and have been dancing together ever since they were 3 years old. Tonight they are performing their favorite dance piece,The щелкунчик(The Nutcracker). Anna and Viktor have been practicing this show for 7 months now and they both are super excited to perform it. The Mariinsky Theatre was built in 1860 on October 2 and is is a huge theatre that can seat over 2000 people. ‘’Anna,Viktor hurry up get in your costumes,the shows starts in 3 hours’’ Says Miss Phillips in an extremely loud voice. Finally after a good 2 hours and 45 minutes,Anna’s long ginger hair is in high bun and her makeup is pretty natural with and light pink lipstick and brown eye shadow,Anna is in her elegant white tutu already for the show. Viktor has got his brown hair slicked back with gel and he has his red suit ironed,Now the show can begin. Anna and Viktor peek through the curtains and they are shocked to how many people are here,They try and count to see how many people are in the theatre but it’s to hard the seats are all taken! Anna and Viktor look at the clock to see that is it time for the show,they quickly do their good luck handshake and then they get into position and the show begins. The curtain rises and Anna does a awesome leap into 5 turns,Viktor does a very high kick and does a leap onto the floor. Anna and Viktor continue doing their dance perfectly until they both feel something strange and then ‘’CABOOM’’ a humongous rock lands in the Mariinsky theatre. Everyone runs out screaming ‘’Ahhh there’s a big rock’’,’’It could've killed us’’,’’RUN’’. Miss Phillips and Viktor run out of the theatre thinking that Anna is right behind them but when they get outside they realize Anna is nowhere to be seen.Where would she have gone? ‘’Dave did you hear about that big rock that landed in the Mariinsky Theatre 3 minutes ago’’Says Matt in a curious voice ‘’Omg a Meteor Strike we need to check it out’’Dave says in a excited voice ‘’A meteor what what’’ ‘’ Don’t worry Matt you've never been the brightest of the bunch,I’ll go check it out you stay here’’ says Dave in a snarky voice. Dave hops in his Black dusty Jeep and drives to the Mariinsky theatre. Dave hops out of his Black Jeep excited to see the Meteor strike.Dave looks around to see ambulance everywhere then his brain clicks The Meteor strike hit the theatre well people were in it.Dave is and rescue worker for people so this is when his skills come in handy.Dave runs over to everybody and tells them that he can help everyone he just needs to borrow someone’s phone. A nice young lady gives her phone to Dave and Dave rings up Matt(Dave’s Co-worker) and tells him to bring in a plane with a Digger so Dave can clean up all the mess that the Meteor made and his Black shiny Labrador dog to smell out if anyone is stuck under a rock.Matt gets everything on the plane and takes off but the pilot tells him that all of the airports have been closed until it is clear there is no more meteor strike coming.Matt rings up Dave and tells him what is going on Dave is devastated  because he doesn’t know what to do he wants to help people but he has no ideas how is supposed to help them. After a good 30 minutes of thinking Dave finally comes up with a plan it might be risky and he might get in trouble but it’s the only plan he’s got.Dave is going to drive to the Fire station down the road and steal a fire truck and if he can find a dalmatian to use instead of his Labrador he is going to take it. Dave quickly turns on his car and zooms down the road to where the fire station is.Dave sneaks into the fire station trying to not make a noise and finds that no one is even in the fire station.Dave found that a bit weird as the doors were open and unlocked.Dave grabbed one of the keys to the firetruck and zoom off as fast as he could back to the Mariinsky theatre. Dave climbed up the fire truck ladder and found A mum,A dad and 4 month year old baby on top of the roof they had ran up their thinking it was safe.Dave directs them to the ladder and they all climb down together and got to the ambulance truck. Viktor counts up all the people 1999 people so their is 1 person missing and Viktor knows who it is ‘’Anna’’.Dave look through the rocks to hear someone screaming ‘’Help Help i'm stuck under this huge rock’’Dave quickly grabs Viktor and they both run over to Anna.Dave and Viktor use their muscles to lift up the rock and get Anna out.Anna is safe and Viktor takes her over to the ambulance truck,Anna got told she had broken her arm and fractured her ankle it it would take 10 weeks to heal at least Anna didn’t die or crack her head open.The Mariinsky theatre is now in the process of being fixed.
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