Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Lion and The Lamb

During one evening while The Lion and the Lamb were hanging out together the lion was having so much fun with the lamb chasing each other and doing things that are challenging to improve their race against each other. The Lion was coated in a silky golden brown layer of fur and the Lamb was wearing a white fluffy coat which was white as a cloud.

So as the day went past with the Lion and the Lamb chasing each other the Lion stopped and heard something in the long grass but he never knew what it was,so the Lamb asked him what was wrong but the Lion told him it was nothing.The Lion and the Lamb just carried on chasing each other till the next minute the Lamb suddenly stopped and heard a voice in the grass but he could´nt check because he was playing with the Lion and he didn't want the Lion to suspect anything so both the Lion and the Lamb kept quiet about something in the long grass and just tried ignoring it and kept playing.

Then the next day when both of them meet up at the top of the mountain, that's when the Lion really couldn't hold it in so he told the Lamb what happened and then he saw a shadow beneath his feet and he quickly jumped away from it and nearly gave him a heart attack.The Lamb asked him what he heard yesterday in the grass and so the Lion told him that he heard something move and that it felt like something was watching us.

The Lamb said the same things back to the Lion, so after they both told each other about the thing in the grass the Lion quickly popped up with an idea, the idea was to try to get the thing hiding in the grass back to see what the mystery thing is.

After trying all sorts of ideas( traps) to catch the mystery thing, the Lion and the Lamb finally had one that could catch it, so the plan was to go back to the place where they started and where it first happened and to do the exact same thing, an hour later chasing each other the thing came and the planned worked, it had fell into the trap so when the Lion and the Lamb went over to see it, it was only a black bird that can turn itself into shadows.

So at the end when the Lion and the Lamb thought something big was going to happen, it turned out that it was just a black bird watching them play because it was lonely. At the end when they went through all this for nothing the Lion and the Lamb asked it the Black bird would want to be friends and everything was back to normal like always, being happy and chasing each other.

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