Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Eclipse

A girl who thinks she will be fine by breaking the rules but ends up living a hard life.
Lia Roberts is a 15 year old girl in high school she has brown hair and green eyes. Lia lives a hard life being blind and her mum Christine is struggling too. Christine is a 45 year old woman who has brown,grayish hair and sparkly blue eyes. Christine struggles as she has to look after Lia and they are very low on money as they have to spend so much money buying ointments and taking her to get surgeries. Christine’s husband James is 47 has hazel eyes and blonde,grayish hair. James works at a barber shop and he enjoys meeting new people every single day or meeting and chatting to regular customers. When Lia was 10 years old her family heard about the eclipse that was coming in a week so the Roberts family decided to go and see the eclipse as they thought it would be an fun experience. An eclipse is when the moon covers the sun and the temperature changes and it gets very dark for about 1 minute it was very exciting because an eclipse only happens every 18 months.

Image result for summerville high schoolA week later The Roberts Family drive 68 miles to get to a huge building to watch the eclipse. The eclipse started to start and Lia got told to put on glasses,Lia was playing around and ended up getting blinded because she was mucking around and not wearing the glasses like she was supposed to. Now Lia is an 15 year old girl living a hard life being blind. Lia goes to Summerville High school and she gets bullied every single day because she is blind, Lia wishes she could be home schooled but her mum and dad don’t have enough money as they have to spend all their money on ointments for Lia.
Lia wishes that one day she could find love and have a happy family but 15 year old Lia worries that she will never find love and she will be lonely forever. One stormy mersible day Lia goes to school the first class she has is Math with teacher Mrs Warren and her peers.
Lia guides who self to try and find a seat she finds a seat at the back of the class and she sets her books and bag down. Lia uses source code to find things all of her book have source code on it so she knows which book is which. She moves her hands around in her bag until she finds the book that spells MATH. 10 minutes  later Mrs Warren arrives and the class begins. After school Lia is walking home and she accidentally bumps into a man called Max she says sorry but for some reason he wanted to go for ice-cream with her. She of course said yes as she loves ice-cream. Lia bought her own ice-cream and got a double chocolate scoop. Lia was a bit nervous as she had know idea who he was or what he looked like. Lia tries not to be rude but she asks Max what he looks like and how old he is. Max wasn't offended at all and he answers Lia’s questions. ‘’Well Lia I am a 16 year old boy and I am home schooled, I have brown hair and blue eyes’’ Says Max in a serious voice. Lia smiles back at him hoping that he will notice that she smiled at him. After Lia and Max have talked for a while Lia asks Max what the time is ‘’It’s 4:07’’ Answers Max polity. Lia explains to Max how she has lots of studying for exams to do so she has to go home. Lia and Max wave goodbye and Lia walks 2km home. A week passes and Max and Lia are still talking to each on text and calling each other almost every day.

A few months passes and Lia is regularly meeting up with Max and they are now going out with each other. Lia has been talking to Max and she told him that she wanted him to meet her family, Max keeps refusing to meeting Lia’s parents but Lia has had enough and she tells him that he is meeting her family and that final. So that night Max and Lia walk to Lia’s house. Lia could feel Max hand shaking as they were walking towards Lia’s house. Lia walks Max inside and sits him down on the couch and Lia screams out to her parents to come and meet Max. Christine and James jog down the stairs when the see Max they were shocked to what Max looked like. Lia explains to her parents that he is an 16 year old boy who is home schooled. Her parents wouldn’t believe that one little bit as they recognize who Max is. Lia’s Mum Christine screams at the top of her lungs and pulls Lia aside. ‘’Lia do you realize who that is’’ ‘’Yes it’s Max’’ ‘’NO IT’S NOT he is a 23 year old man who just got out of prison for a very bad crime’’ ‘’What OMG I never knew that because I blind’. Lia storms off into her bedroom and she locks the door. Christine tells ‘’Max’’ that he needs to and that she is going to call the police on him. The police come and pick up Max and take him to the police station. While Christine knocks on Lia’s door for 5 minutes constantly telling her to open the door.’’ LIA open the door,open the door’’. James comes up with an idea and he goes and gets the key to unlock the door to Lia’s room. Finally the door is open and Christine and James sit down Lia to have a big chat about what just happened and watch they need to do to prevent it from happening again. So Lia,Christine and James are still living a hard life but their life is way better than before. Lia is still struggling being blind but James now got a promotion on his barbering job and now they have enough money for Lia to be home schooled. Lia is now happier learning at home.Image result for police car

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