Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The bridge to nowhere ?

“Jackson” quick come have a look at this shouted Carter.Carter  had found a small trail leading of to the side of the main forest walk he said that it looked to be only used by animals.Jaxon tall blond boy with blue eyes, he was not very strong but rather fast.Carter was not like Jaxon he was quite short for his age but was very strong and already competed in weightlifting events at the age of 13 he had brown hair and hazel eyes.Altho he is very different to jaxon they are still great friends.

They had been walking down the track for twenty minutes and there was a tree that had fallen down it was massive and forced them to walk around.They got to the end and it was lifted slightly jaxon wanted to go under but Carter said there was a high chance of the tree falling so they walked round.But i’m not sure that was the best idea because Carter stood on a rattlesnake he only noticed when he felt the long fangs dig deep into his calves the poison going through his body rapidly he knew he would die if he did not do something quick.Neither of them had no idea what to do so he died.Carter was gone Jaxon was deep into the woods with no one with him nothing could go wrong or two people would have died in the woods in 1 day.

Jaxon kept on walking he was not going back now he still had heaps of daylight and was not going to need a torch any time soon.

Jaxon had been walking for about half an hour when when the track split.there were two signs one of them said snake pit pointed to the left and the other one said the bridge to unknown.Not thinking at all he went right.

After a while he thought he had gone the wrong way as he did not seem to be getting anywhere.he decided to keep walking for a bit longer.Jaxon walked of the side of the trail to sit down for a rest.whilst walking over there he stood on what looked like a normal pile of leaves but was apparently not he stepped on them not thinking anything of it (i don’t see why not)but not the best idea as when enough wait was on them they fell through the ground and jaxon landed three meters deep in a hole.with no help and what he would do now he was really questioning.he started to make little dents in the wall so he could hopefully use them to get was working but very slowly.after half an hour he finally got out and decided not to stand on any more leaves.  

After about another hour of walking Jaxon got to the end of the trail and found a rickety bridge made of wood that looked like it would break if anybody or thing touched it.Jaxon decided to take his chances he took a step.

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