Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Big Mistake

Image result for divergent beatrice looking in the mirrorNow most people think that i’m supposed to be selfless just because I am in Abnegation, but the truth is I have always been dreaming about the day when someone would do something for me or if I could look in the mirror everyday other that look in the mirror on the 2nd day every 3 months. Hopefully that would change today because today is my 16th birthday and on your 16th birthday you can choose if you want to stay in your faction or choose a new faction.

Image result for divergent eruditeWhen my brother was 16 he chose to become Erudite because he thought he would be very good there since he was getting good grades in school. Me on the other hand I wanted to become a Dauntless. As a young child on my way to school and exactly 8:35 a.m the train would come and I would watch how the Dauntless leap of the train without getting hurt. I still had a gut feeling about leaving my family because I would be hated for leaving my faction, but then I realised that is my brother left and he didn't get the evil eye why would I.

Image result for faction bowlsAnyway the time came it was the choosing ceremony. It was really nerve racking standing in front of every faction with 5 different bowls in front of you. In each bowl there was something that represented each faction. How it worked was when you were born you were given a stone with your name on it but it was given to the leader of your faction and when you turned 16 it was given back to and by choosing you put your stone in the faction of your choice.

Image result for stone in palm of hand
As I took my stone and hovered it over each faction bowl I closed my eyes and made my choice. I dropped it in the bowl and when I turned around I see the sad face of my parents and all the Dauntless screaming and shouting. I knew I should have said goodbye before I came here.

Image result for divergent jumping off trainI gathered my thing and hoped on the train. On the train I met a guy named Fynnley or Fynn is what he preferred. We jumped off the train and he took me to a long ledge. I still asked him if it was safe but he thought it was.

Image result for 6 o clockBy the time it was 6 o’clock he admitted it was stuck. He told me that we had to be that I curfew was 6:30. I started freaking out and I kinda nearly fell of. He pulled me close and we figured our way back.

Image result for divergent dinnerWhen we made it back it was 6:28 we rushed to our rooms and we got our things ready for dinner at 7. He said that we were lucky to have made it back in time or we would have had to suffer the consequences and become one of the factionless.                

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