Sunday, 24 September 2017

Roblox Bully Story

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Once upon a time there was a guy called Ethan. He could not afford anything on roblox and he had no robux. There was 2 guys and they had lots of robux and they were going to bully Ethan because he had no robux. Every day they beat him up and they made fun of him and they stole what little stuff he had. Every time he did it he never told anyone and he just got sad but nobody noticed him. One day a player called Prisman found Ethan crying and he asked why he was crying but Ethan just ran away. When he got home instead of being sad he was really angry at the bullies and he wished he could have Robux so he could be big and strong so he could beat them up. But he knew he could not do that. So, the next day at school Ethan tried talking to Prisman again because he had been nice and tried to help him. Prisman did not care that he ran away the last time he tried to help. So him and Ethan came up with a plan to stand up to the bullies. Prisman rounded up all the Popular Players and Youtubers and they went and saw the bullies. Because they were all rich and popular they had a whole crowd of supporters and the bullies were actually scared of all of them and at the front of them all was Ethan. He said: “I have two words.” “Don’t Bully.” Then they all started attacking the bullies to show them how they felt and then the bullies got banned from roblox.

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