Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Final Fantasy Part 1

“Hurry Jack, Jump to conclusion four. We are running out of options the Blue clan will die” said Gale. Jack Jumped up over the truck the took for cover and his hand started glowing purple you could now see the blue of his clan he war a cape with hood and his suit was blue and dark grey like a robot. He said this is conclusion four he slammed his body to the ground and series of cracks from the ground formed around him he became a half demon half rock creature he slammed into a building making some of a clan out. It was the Green clan they wore green they came out and a guy yelled “why look at you, you deserve a blat in the face with the eno blaster 14, by the way my name is rock”. He shot the gun right at Jacks face and he blew up and landed to the ground with his sword in his hand he ran at the green clan and took down half the soldiers to full robot guy grabbed him by the neck he was a humanoid a robot that looks like a robot with no hair. “What you Playing at Jakey boy why did you ditch our clan to join your girlfriends clan who is know dead, well at least i'm doing you a favour it looks like you're going to be able to see her for the rest of your life in the afterlife” and as he said that Jack's sword was spun into Jack's chest. Then out of know here there was a guy who just spoke softly “Why would you kill him you let your guard down know you have a clan surrounding you it isn’t blue, yellow or even purple it’s red and I am the leader of this clan and know feel the wrath of the red clan”. They charged at each other and they fought with what they had the red team came victorious the other clans backed of to kill them but they had died too. They had divided the lands leaving capital city for all the clans there was no rules there it is known as death zone. But the  story begins in the territory of the red clan.

There is a teenager named Ali he was the kid who got picked on a school he did not even have a home he was all alone on the streets begging for food. He was lucky if he got diner once a month but when he was at school the teachers would give him water and a sandwich and a piece of fruit to have. In class he was learning the basics of magic techniques when he looked outside to see a huge black cloud creating tornado vortices “Mr Cold I think we have a problem” yelled Ali. They went outside “what did you do Ali” yelled Robert “yeah you suck at magic” said rick. The Teacher told them off, Ali ran of to the city to find A guy in front of him Ali was in his battle possin and the guy picked him up and jump onto the roof of the sushi shop. Ali asked “Who the heck are you” “I am Reacher, I am one of the best in the red clans army” said Reacher. “I won’t to give you this Ali I have seen you fight, I look for kids that are strong and may be good in the army. And you Ali are one of those kids so here have this electron blaster”.

The electron blaster looked like a sliver gun that had curves around the frame lights were reflecting on it. “Now go help the rest of the students they are fighting” the Teacher jumped of the building and went to attack.

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