Thursday, 21 September 2017

Family Vacation!

Image result for planeThe day had come! It was vacation time for Carter and his family. In his family there is Carter, Ivy his 9 year old sister and his mother and father. They were waiting at the airport Hoping for their plane to be called over the speaker because they all were so excited. Later that day they were all on the plane waiting time to hop off. As soon as they got to Hawaii they went straight to there hotel rooms. When they were signing in they were looking around and they saw a massive pool outside the big window. After that they all went to go for free time. Carter and the rest of his parents chose to go to the pool. They were there for a while until Carter and his mother hair waves crashing and getting closer to them. Carter hops out of the pool and sees in the reflection of the reception window that it was a tsunami. Carter didn’t have time to think he just screamed out loud “RUN”!  

Image result for flooded streetsA few moments after the tsunami past all of the streets were flooded and everything was ruined. Carter's mother survived so she just went looking for some help because she sprained her ankle and a few cuts and bruises. A few moments later when she was trying to walk with her saw ankle she hears someone crying from up a tree. She try’s to run as fast as she can because she recognizes the voice. When she gets to the tree she see’s Carter was lying on a thick branch with his arm bleeding. She calls out “Carter”in a relieved voice and he looks down and see’s her. He is speechless and sad because they don’t know where the rest of their family is and hoping they're still alive somewhere. After a while Carter gets down from the tree so they can talk. They decided that their going to find a hospital or someone that can help them.

Image result for helicoptersCarter and his mother keeps on walking very slowly because of his mother’s ankle. They stop for a second because they are both in pain and still hoping they would find his father and his young sister Ivy. Carter and his mother starts to walk again and was a little bit scared because none is around so they think nobody else survived. After a few minutes they struggle to get through all of the water and stuff that has broke from the tsunami! After walking for hours they finally find a hospital but there was only half of it left. Carter’s mother is so pleased to find help even though there was only one half. In a few minutes they find help and get into a helicopter and go back to Australia (where they live).

A few moments later Carter’s father turns up struggling to walk on the messed up pathways and is trying to get to the one half hospital. There was helicopters every where because of what happened and to get people safe and back where they belong. A helicopter finds Carter’s father and takes him back to Australia with so much other hurt people in there. A few days later when Carter and his mother gets out of the hospital balling their eyes out because they think most of her family is dead they hear someone talking saying “WAIT”. And there he was Carter’s father. Carter and his mother trying to run as fast as they can to give him a huge hug but then Carter said “where’s Ivy?”.

Photos from google images!!!

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