Wednesday, 27 September 2017

A brand new start

Dododdo As the royal servant blow his horn to make an announcement. “Ekhem, There will be a royal ball held at the royal palace and the king Julien is expecting everyone of you to show up as prince William will be looking for a princess.” “This ball will be at Don’t forget.” . As he left all the girls weren't really in a rush looking for dresses  except one her name was Kacey she was probably the most kind, beautiful and shy girl on this planet she was also quite a nerd she had hair that was like gold eyes like the sea and gorgeous freckles around her nose.She was 20 years old and had a family of 4 including her but what they were about to hear was  her Mum died in a car accident as the news was traveling home Kacey was busy feeding her adorable pet mouse Louie a delicious cheesecake  and her dad well he was very depressed he was sick with cancer and didn’t want to tell his daughter  and wife until he thought it was time but what he didn’t know was that this was all her plan before she left she had injected some fluid called “Bad can-ci-d” which in other words cancer infection.

DIN DON as Jade heard the doorbell ring she got louie and put  it in his cage and went to get the door not knowing who it was because her Mum was supposed to come home next week.Oh hello officer what can I do for you. The officers both looked at each other and said “Well yesterday your mum was found outside a car dead”.DEAD,Dea,dead the word dead just rung like a bell inside her head the look of shock let the officer know that they have said enough and said “i'm sorry” then left. Still in shock her dad Peter came in rush and said “ Jade who was that are you alright” the bell in Jade's had finally stopped and she then fell on her knees with a big thump and started bawling her eyes out “What is it What it Jade come inside and explain to me then ” He picked her up slowly and tock her inside. “Now what's the matter?” “She’s gone replied Jade.” “What who?” “MUM OK” She was very sad,frustrated and angry all at the same time. As Jade slowly walk away to go have hugs with Louie Peter had the same shocked face as Jade did then he started tearing up and then he bawling his eyes out Jade could here him from the other room she looked down at Louie trying to be brave then Louie went and got the flyer of the ball that she was going to. She looked at Louie and said. “Oh Louie thats tonight and I don’t have anything to wear.” The mouse was trying to get her attention and say “Wear your mum old dress.” Jade was thinking and then finally thought “I can wear my mum old ball dress.” so she got up got reddy and off she went saying bye dad love you. As she slammed the door she jumped in her car and head to the royal palace.

How do I look Jade said to Louie, “squeak” Louie replied. “Ok let's do this as they walked in she put Louie down and said “wait here.” As she was walking in she was amazed with what she saw. She finally got to the stairs and everyone stopped and stared. She lifted her big puffy dress and walked down. The prince said “I want to dance with her first.”  And he did they danced he showed his favourite place in the palace  even his secret garden.

Ding, ding ding the royal prince put down his knife and wine glass he announced that he had found his princes and the ball ends at 12pm. He then took Kacey hand  and did the last dance before Kacey said. “Hey Willam do you hear that?” William replied with “Know what does it sound like?” Kacey said “It sounds like a rumble sound.” Before you knew it cracks started to show and the windows started chartering one by one. Everyone was running and shouting. “Everyone stay calm and everything will be all right.” William said to his princess “Come with me to my secret safe place.” I’m scared.” Kacey said to William “Don't worry.” replied William.

About an hour later everything was silent so they decided to go have a look at the damage and see what was hurt. They both burst into tears as everything was destroyed and everyone was dead they gathered some flowers from the secret garden and placed it ontop  of King Julian then Kacey said wiping a tear away “well I guess this is a brand new start.”   

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