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The Eclipse

A girl who thinks she will be fine by breaking the rules but ends up living a hard life.
Lia Roberts is a 15 year old girl in high school she has brown hair and green eyes. Lia lives a hard life being blind and her mum Christine is struggling too. Christine is a 45 year old woman who has brown,grayish hair and sparkly blue eyes. Christine struggles as she has to look after Lia and they are very low on money as they have to spend so much money buying ointments and taking her to get surgeries. Christine’s husband James is 47 has hazel eyes and blonde,grayish hair. James works at a barber shop and he enjoys meeting new people every single day or meeting and chatting to regular customers. When Lia was 10 years old her family heard about the eclipse that was coming in a week so the Roberts family decided to go and see the eclipse as they thought it would be an fun experience. An eclipse is when the moon covers the sun and the temperature changes and it gets very dark for about 1 minute it was very exciting because an eclipse only happens every 18 months.

Image result for summerville high schoolA week later The Roberts Family drive 68 miles to get to a huge building to watch the eclipse. The eclipse started to start and Lia got told to put on glasses,Lia was playing around and ended up getting blinded because she was mucking around and not wearing the glasses like she was supposed to. Now Lia is an 15 year old girl living a hard life being blind. Lia goes to Summerville High school and she gets bullied every single day because she is blind, Lia wishes she could be home schooled but her mum and dad don’t have enough money as they have to spend all their money on ointments for Lia.
Lia wishes that one day she could find love and have a happy family but 15 year old Lia worries that she will never find love and she will be lonely forever. One stormy mersible day Lia goes to school the first class she has is Math with teacher Mrs Warren and her peers.
Lia guides who self to try and find a seat she finds a seat at the back of the class and she sets her books and bag down. Lia uses source code to find things all of her book have source code on it so she knows which book is which. She moves her hands around in her bag until she finds the book that spells MATH. 10 minutes  later Mrs Warren arrives and the class begins. After school Lia is walking home and she accidentally bumps into a man called Max she says sorry but for some reason he wanted to go for ice-cream with her. She of course said yes as she loves ice-cream. Lia bought her own ice-cream and got a double chocolate scoop. Lia was a bit nervous as she had know idea who he was or what he looked like. Lia tries not to be rude but she asks Max what he looks like and how old he is. Max wasn't offended at all and he answers Lia’s questions. ‘’Well Lia I am a 16 year old boy and I am home schooled, I have brown hair and blue eyes’’ Says Max in a serious voice. Lia smiles back at him hoping that he will notice that she smiled at him. After Lia and Max have talked for a while Lia asks Max what the time is ‘’It’s 4:07’’ Answers Max polity. Lia explains to Max how she has lots of studying for exams to do so she has to go home. Lia and Max wave goodbye and Lia walks 2km home. A week passes and Max and Lia are still talking to each on text and calling each other almost every day.

A few months passes and Lia is regularly meeting up with Max and they are now going out with each other. Lia has been talking to Max and she told him that she wanted him to meet her family, Max keeps refusing to meeting Lia’s parents but Lia has had enough and she tells him that he is meeting her family and that final. So that night Max and Lia walk to Lia’s house. Lia could feel Max hand shaking as they were walking towards Lia’s house. Lia walks Max inside and sits him down on the couch and Lia screams out to her parents to come and meet Max. Christine and James jog down the stairs when the see Max they were shocked to what Max looked like. Lia explains to her parents that he is an 16 year old boy who is home schooled. Her parents wouldn’t believe that one little bit as they recognize who Max is. Lia’s Mum Christine screams at the top of her lungs and pulls Lia aside. ‘’Lia do you realize who that is’’ ‘’Yes it’s Max’’ ‘’NO IT’S NOT he is a 23 year old man who just got out of prison for a very bad crime’’ ‘’What OMG I never knew that because I blind’. Lia storms off into her bedroom and she locks the door. Christine tells ‘’Max’’ that he needs to and that she is going to call the police on him. The police come and pick up Max and take him to the police station. While Christine knocks on Lia’s door for 5 minutes constantly telling her to open the door.’’ LIA open the door,open the door’’. James comes up with an idea and he goes and gets the key to unlock the door to Lia’s room. Finally the door is open and Christine and James sit down Lia to have a big chat about what just happened and watch they need to do to prevent it from happening again. So Lia,Christine and James are still living a hard life but their life is way better than before. Lia is still struggling being blind but James now got a promotion on his barbering job and now they have enough money for Lia to be home schooled. Lia is now happier learning at home.Image result for police car

The Lion and The Lamb

During one evening while The Lion and the Lamb were hanging out together the lion was having so much fun with the lamb chasing each other and doing things that are challenging to improve their race against each other. The Lion was coated in a silky golden brown layer of fur and the Lamb was wearing a white fluffy coat which was white as a cloud.

So as the day went past with the Lion and the Lamb chasing each other the Lion stopped and heard something in the long grass but he never knew what it was,so the Lamb asked him what was wrong but the Lion told him it was nothing.The Lion and the Lamb just carried on chasing each other till the next minute the Lamb suddenly stopped and heard a voice in the grass but he could´nt check because he was playing with the Lion and he didn't want the Lion to suspect anything so both the Lion and the Lamb kept quiet about something in the long grass and just tried ignoring it and kept playing.

Then the next day when both of them meet up at the top of the mountain, that's when the Lion really couldn't hold it in so he told the Lamb what happened and then he saw a shadow beneath his feet and he quickly jumped away from it and nearly gave him a heart attack.The Lamb asked him what he heard yesterday in the grass and so the Lion told him that he heard something move and that it felt like something was watching us.

The Lamb said the same things back to the Lion, so after they both told each other about the thing in the grass the Lion quickly popped up with an idea, the idea was to try to get the thing hiding in the grass back to see what the mystery thing is.

After trying all sorts of ideas( traps) to catch the mystery thing, the Lion and the Lamb finally had one that could catch it, so the plan was to go back to the place where they started and where it first happened and to do the exact same thing, an hour later chasing each other the thing came and the planned worked, it had fell into the trap so when the Lion and the Lamb went over to see it, it was only a black bird that can turn itself into shadows.

So at the end when the Lion and the Lamb thought something big was going to happen, it turned out that it was just a black bird watching them play because it was lonely. At the end when they went through all this for nothing the Lion and the Lamb asked it the Black bird would want to be friends and everything was back to normal like always, being happy and chasing each other.

The bridge to nowhere ?

“Jackson” quick come have a look at this shouted Carter.Carter  had found a small trail leading of to the side of the main forest walk he said that it looked to be only used by animals.Jaxon tall blond boy with blue eyes, he was not very strong but rather fast.Carter was not like Jaxon he was quite short for his age but was very strong and already competed in weightlifting events at the age of 13 he had brown hair and hazel eyes.Altho he is very different to jaxon they are still great friends.

They had been walking down the track for twenty minutes and there was a tree that had fallen down it was massive and forced them to walk around.They got to the end and it was lifted slightly jaxon wanted to go under but Carter said there was a high chance of the tree falling so they walked round.But i’m not sure that was the best idea because Carter stood on a rattlesnake he only noticed when he felt the long fangs dig deep into his calves the poison going through his body rapidly he knew he would die if he did not do something quick.Neither of them had no idea what to do so he died.Carter was gone Jaxon was deep into the woods with no one with him nothing could go wrong or two people would have died in the woods in 1 day.

Jaxon kept on walking he was not going back now he still had heaps of daylight and was not going to need a torch any time soon.

Jaxon had been walking for about half an hour when when the track split.there were two signs one of them said snake pit pointed to the left and the other one said the bridge to unknown.Not thinking at all he went right.

After a while he thought he had gone the wrong way as he did not seem to be getting anywhere.he decided to keep walking for a bit longer.Jaxon walked of the side of the trail to sit down for a rest.whilst walking over there he stood on what looked like a normal pile of leaves but was apparently not he stepped on them not thinking anything of it (i don’t see why not)but not the best idea as when enough wait was on them they fell through the ground and jaxon landed three meters deep in a hole.with no help and what he would do now he was really questioning.he started to make little dents in the wall so he could hopefully use them to get was working but very slowly.after half an hour he finally got out and decided not to stand on any more leaves.  

After about another hour of walking Jaxon got to the end of the trail and found a rickety bridge made of wood that looked like it would break if anybody or thing touched it.Jaxon decided to take his chances he took a step.

A brand new start

Dododdo As the royal servant blow his horn to make an announcement. “Ekhem, There will be a royal ball held at the royal palace and the king Julien is expecting everyone of you to show up as prince William will be looking for a princess.” “This ball will be at Don’t forget.” . As he left all the girls weren't really in a rush looking for dresses  except one her name was Kacey she was probably the most kind, beautiful and shy girl on this planet she was also quite a nerd she had hair that was like gold eyes like the sea and gorgeous freckles around her nose.She was 20 years old and had a family of 4 including her but what they were about to hear was  her Mum died in a car accident as the news was traveling home Kacey was busy feeding her adorable pet mouse Louie a delicious cheesecake  and her dad well he was very depressed he was sick with cancer and didn’t want to tell his daughter  and wife until he thought it was time but what he didn’t know was that this was all her plan before she left she had injected some fluid called “Bad can-ci-d” which in other words cancer infection.

DIN DON as Jade heard the doorbell ring she got louie and put  it in his cage and went to get the door not knowing who it was because her Mum was supposed to come home next week.Oh hello officer what can I do for you. The officers both looked at each other and said “Well yesterday your mum was found outside a car dead”.DEAD,Dea,dead the word dead just rung like a bell inside her head the look of shock let the officer know that they have said enough and said “i'm sorry” then left. Still in shock her dad Peter came in rush and said “ Jade who was that are you alright” the bell in Jade's had finally stopped and she then fell on her knees with a big thump and started bawling her eyes out “What is it What it Jade come inside and explain to me then ” He picked her up slowly and tock her inside. “Now what's the matter?” “She’s gone replied Jade.” “What who?” “MUM OK” She was very sad,frustrated and angry all at the same time. As Jade slowly walk away to go have hugs with Louie Peter had the same shocked face as Jade did then he started tearing up and then he bawling his eyes out Jade could here him from the other room she looked down at Louie trying to be brave then Louie went and got the flyer of the ball that she was going to. She looked at Louie and said. “Oh Louie thats tonight and I don’t have anything to wear.” The mouse was trying to get her attention and say “Wear your mum old dress.” Jade was thinking and then finally thought “I can wear my mum old ball dress.” so she got up got reddy and off she went saying bye dad love you. As she slammed the door she jumped in her car and head to the royal palace.

How do I look Jade said to Louie, “squeak” Louie replied. “Ok let's do this as they walked in she put Louie down and said “wait here.” As she was walking in she was amazed with what she saw. She finally got to the stairs and everyone stopped and stared. She lifted her big puffy dress and walked down. The prince said “I want to dance with her first.”  And he did they danced he showed his favourite place in the palace  even his secret garden.

Ding, ding ding the royal prince put down his knife and wine glass he announced that he had found his princes and the ball ends at 12pm. He then took Kacey hand  and did the last dance before Kacey said. “Hey Willam do you hear that?” William replied with “Know what does it sound like?” Kacey said “It sounds like a rumble sound.” Before you knew it cracks started to show and the windows started chartering one by one. Everyone was running and shouting. “Everyone stay calm and everything will be all right.” William said to his princess “Come with me to my secret safe place.” I’m scared.” Kacey said to William “Don't worry.” replied William.

About an hour later everything was silent so they decided to go have a look at the damage and see what was hurt. They both burst into tears as everything was destroyed and everyone was dead they gathered some flowers from the secret garden and placed it ontop  of King Julian then Kacey said wiping a tear away “well I guess this is a brand new start.”   

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The Mutant Bee Invasion

It was the 29th of January, 2018 and it was my first day of college. I packed my bag and got ready for the day. My mum dropped me off to the bus stop and I was on my way. When we arrived we had an assembly to start us of for the year and we had a student to start us of. The student that I was put with was named James showed me around the school and he also gave me my timetable.

In my first period I had maths and I was really good at the questions because I learnt a lot from Mr Fourie's maths class at my old school. I made lots of friends and they were very kind. My new friends James had the same timetable as me and he showed my around to where the classes are at. For my last period I had inquiry and as when we were just about to leave our class locked and everyone else in the school got to leave. When the class locked everyone fell asleep from some gas bombs.

When I woke up it was around midnight and there were only a few lights on in the school. After every one woke up I decided to check if the door was unlocked and it was. We all walked as a group to the cafeteria
and we found our science teacher doing some experiments on  principal Genji. Principal Genji turned into a mutant bee and we got to run out in time. The mutant Genji bee took over the school and is still there till this day with huge honey combs and other huge bees. Soon later the bees had taken over the world and they could talk to humans and rule them.

Final Fantasy Part 1

“Hurry Jack, Jump to conclusion four. We are running out of options the Blue clan will die” said Gale. Jack Jumped up over the truck the took for cover and his hand started glowing purple you could now see the blue of his clan he war a cape with hood and his suit was blue and dark grey like a robot. He said this is conclusion four he slammed his body to the ground and series of cracks from the ground formed around him he became a half demon half rock creature he slammed into a building making some of a clan out. It was the Green clan they wore green they came out and a guy yelled “why look at you, you deserve a blat in the face with the eno blaster 14, by the way my name is rock”. He shot the gun right at Jacks face and he blew up and landed to the ground with his sword in his hand he ran at the green clan and took down half the soldiers to full robot guy grabbed him by the neck he was a humanoid a robot that looks like a robot with no hair. “What you Playing at Jakey boy why did you ditch our clan to join your girlfriends clan who is know dead, well at least i'm doing you a favour it looks like you're going to be able to see her for the rest of your life in the afterlife” and as he said that Jack's sword was spun into Jack's chest. Then out of know here there was a guy who just spoke softly “Why would you kill him you let your guard down know you have a clan surrounding you it isn’t blue, yellow or even purple it’s red and I am the leader of this clan and know feel the wrath of the red clan”. They charged at each other and they fought with what they had the red team came victorious the other clans backed of to kill them but they had died too. They had divided the lands leaving capital city for all the clans there was no rules there it is known as death zone. But the  story begins in the territory of the red clan.

There is a teenager named Ali he was the kid who got picked on a school he did not even have a home he was all alone on the streets begging for food. He was lucky if he got diner once a month but when he was at school the teachers would give him water and a sandwich and a piece of fruit to have. In class he was learning the basics of magic techniques when he looked outside to see a huge black cloud creating tornado vortices “Mr Cold I think we have a problem” yelled Ali. They went outside “what did you do Ali” yelled Robert “yeah you suck at magic” said rick. The Teacher told them off, Ali ran of to the city to find A guy in front of him Ali was in his battle possin and the guy picked him up and jump onto the roof of the sushi shop. Ali asked “Who the heck are you” “I am Reacher, I am one of the best in the red clans army” said Reacher. “I won’t to give you this Ali I have seen you fight, I look for kids that are strong and may be good in the army. And you Ali are one of those kids so here have this electron blaster”.

The electron blaster looked like a sliver gun that had curves around the frame lights were reflecting on it. “Now go help the rest of the students they are fighting” the Teacher jumped of the building and went to attack.

The Big Mistake

Image result for divergent beatrice looking in the mirrorNow most people think that i’m supposed to be selfless just because I am in Abnegation, but the truth is I have always been dreaming about the day when someone would do something for me or if I could look in the mirror everyday other that look in the mirror on the 2nd day every 3 months. Hopefully that would change today because today is my 16th birthday and on your 16th birthday you can choose if you want to stay in your faction or choose a new faction.

Image result for divergent eruditeWhen my brother was 16 he chose to become Erudite because he thought he would be very good there since he was getting good grades in school. Me on the other hand I wanted to become a Dauntless. As a young child on my way to school and exactly 8:35 a.m the train would come and I would watch how the Dauntless leap of the train without getting hurt. I still had a gut feeling about leaving my family because I would be hated for leaving my faction, but then I realised that is my brother left and he didn't get the evil eye why would I.

Image result for faction bowlsAnyway the time came it was the choosing ceremony. It was really nerve racking standing in front of every faction with 5 different bowls in front of you. In each bowl there was something that represented each faction. How it worked was when you were born you were given a stone with your name on it but it was given to the leader of your faction and when you turned 16 it was given back to and by choosing you put your stone in the faction of your choice.

Image result for stone in palm of hand
As I took my stone and hovered it over each faction bowl I closed my eyes and made my choice. I dropped it in the bowl and when I turned around I see the sad face of my parents and all the Dauntless screaming and shouting. I knew I should have said goodbye before I came here.

Image result for divergent jumping off trainI gathered my thing and hoped on the train. On the train I met a guy named Fynnley or Fynn is what he preferred. We jumped off the train and he took me to a long ledge. I still asked him if it was safe but he thought it was.

Image result for 6 o clockBy the time it was 6 o’clock he admitted it was stuck. He told me that we had to be that I curfew was 6:30. I started freaking out and I kinda nearly fell of. He pulled me close and we figured our way back.

Image result for divergent dinnerWhen we made it back it was 6:28 we rushed to our rooms and we got our things ready for dinner at 7. He said that we were lucky to have made it back in time or we would have had to suffer the consequences and become one of the factionless.                

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ICT Presentation

Roblox Bully Story

Image result for roblox bully story

Once upon a time there was a guy called Ethan. He could not afford anything on roblox and he had no robux. There was 2 guys and they had lots of robux and they were going to bully Ethan because he had no robux. Every day they beat him up and they made fun of him and they stole what little stuff he had. Every time he did it he never told anyone and he just got sad but nobody noticed him. One day a player called Prisman found Ethan crying and he asked why he was crying but Ethan just ran away. When he got home instead of being sad he was really angry at the bullies and he wished he could have Robux so he could be big and strong so he could beat them up. But he knew he could not do that. So, the next day at school Ethan tried talking to Prisman again because he had been nice and tried to help him. Prisman did not care that he ran away the last time he tried to help. So him and Ethan came up with a plan to stand up to the bullies. Prisman rounded up all the Popular Players and Youtubers and they went and saw the bullies. Because they were all rich and popular they had a whole crowd of supporters and the bullies were actually scared of all of them and at the front of them all was Ethan. He said: “I have two words.” “Don’t Bully.” Then they all started attacking the bullies to show them how they felt and then the bullies got banned from roblox.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Family Vacation!

Image result for planeThe day had come! It was vacation time for Carter and his family. In his family there is Carter, Ivy his 9 year old sister and his mother and father. They were waiting at the airport Hoping for their plane to be called over the speaker because they all were so excited. Later that day they were all on the plane waiting time to hop off. As soon as they got to Hawaii they went straight to there hotel rooms. When they were signing in they were looking around and they saw a massive pool outside the big window. After that they all went to go for free time. Carter and the rest of his parents chose to go to the pool. They were there for a while until Carter and his mother hair waves crashing and getting closer to them. Carter hops out of the pool and sees in the reflection of the reception window that it was a tsunami. Carter didn’t have time to think he just screamed out loud “RUN”!  

Image result for flooded streetsA few moments after the tsunami past all of the streets were flooded and everything was ruined. Carter's mother survived so she just went looking for some help because she sprained her ankle and a few cuts and bruises. A few moments later when she was trying to walk with her saw ankle she hears someone crying from up a tree. She try’s to run as fast as she can because she recognizes the voice. When she gets to the tree she see’s Carter was lying on a thick branch with his arm bleeding. She calls out “Carter”in a relieved voice and he looks down and see’s her. He is speechless and sad because they don’t know where the rest of their family is and hoping they're still alive somewhere. After a while Carter gets down from the tree so they can talk. They decided that their going to find a hospital or someone that can help them.

Image result for helicoptersCarter and his mother keeps on walking very slowly because of his mother’s ankle. They stop for a second because they are both in pain and still hoping they would find his father and his young sister Ivy. Carter and his mother starts to walk again and was a little bit scared because none is around so they think nobody else survived. After a few minutes they struggle to get through all of the water and stuff that has broke from the tsunami! After walking for hours they finally find a hospital but there was only half of it left. Carter’s mother is so pleased to find help even though there was only one half. In a few minutes they find help and get into a helicopter and go back to Australia (where they live).

A few moments later Carter’s father turns up struggling to walk on the messed up pathways and is trying to get to the one half hospital. There was helicopters every where because of what happened and to get people safe and back where they belong. A helicopter finds Carter’s father and takes him back to Australia with so much other hurt people in there. A few days later when Carter and his mother gets out of the hospital balling their eyes out because they think most of her family is dead they hear someone talking saying “WAIT”. And there he was Carter’s father. Carter and his mother trying to run as fast as they can to give him a huge hug but then Carter said “where’s Ivy?”.

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The Meteor Strike

Image result for mariinsky theatre’Straighten your legs,Spot in your turns,Smile,That leap should be higher’’Screams Miss Phillips. ’’Were trying’’says Anna and Viktor in a sleepy tired voice. Anna and Viktor are the most talented ballet dancers in Russia, they dance for the Russian ballet in the Mariinsky Theatre. They are both 17 and have been dancing together ever since they were 3 years old. Tonight they are performing their favorite dance piece,The щелкунчик(The Nutcracker). Anna and Viktor have been practicing this show for 7 months now and they both are super excited to perform it. The Mariinsky Theatre was built in 1860 on October 2 and is is a huge theatre that can seat over 2000 people. ‘’Anna,Viktor hurry up get in your costumes,the shows starts in 3 hours’’ Says Miss Phillips in an extremely loud voice. Finally after a good 2 hours and 45 minutes,Anna’s long ginger hair is in high bun and her makeup is pretty natural with and light pink lipstick and brown eye shadow,Anna is in her elegant white tutu already for the show. Viktor has got his brown hair slicked back with gel and he has his red suit ironed,Now the show can begin. Anna and Viktor peek through the curtains and they are shocked to how many people are here,They try and count to see how many people are in the theatre but it’s to hard the seats are all taken! Anna and Viktor look at the clock to see that is it time for the show,they quickly do their good luck handshake and then they get into position and the show begins. The curtain rises and Anna does a awesome leap into 5 turns,Viktor does a very high kick and does a leap onto the floor. Anna and Viktor continue doing their dance perfectly until they both feel something strange and then ‘’CABOOM’’ a humongous rock lands in the Mariinsky theatre. Everyone runs out screaming ‘’Ahhh there’s a big rock’’,’’It could've killed us’’,’’RUN’’. Miss Phillips and Viktor run out of the theatre thinking that Anna is right behind them but when they get outside they realize Anna is nowhere to be seen.Where would she have gone? ‘’Dave did you hear about that big rock that landed in the Mariinsky Theatre 3 minutes ago’’Says Matt in a curious voice ‘’Omg a Meteor Strike we need to check it out’’Dave says in a excited voice ‘’A meteor what what’’ ‘’ Don’t worry Matt you've never been the brightest of the bunch,I’ll go check it out you stay here’’ says Dave in a snarky voice. Dave hops in his Black dusty Jeep and drives to the Mariinsky theatre. Dave hops out of his Black Jeep excited to see the Meteor strike.Dave looks around to see ambulance everywhere then his brain clicks The Meteor strike hit the theatre well people were in it.Dave is and rescue worker for people so this is when his skills come in handy.Dave runs over to everybody and tells them that he can help everyone he just needs to borrow someone’s phone. A nice young lady gives her phone to Dave and Dave rings up Matt(Dave’s Co-worker) and tells him to bring in a plane with a Digger so Dave can clean up all the mess that the Meteor made and his Black shiny Labrador dog to smell out if anyone is stuck under a rock.Matt gets everything on the plane and takes off but the pilot tells him that all of the airports have been closed until it is clear there is no more meteor strike coming.Matt rings up Dave and tells him what is going on Dave is devastated  because he doesn’t know what to do he wants to help people but he has no ideas how is supposed to help them. After a good 30 minutes of thinking Dave finally comes up with a plan it might be risky and he might get in trouble but it’s the only plan he’s got.Dave is going to drive to the Fire station down the road and steal a fire truck and if he can find a dalmatian to use instead of his Labrador he is going to take it. Dave quickly turns on his car and zooms down the road to where the fire station is.Dave sneaks into the fire station trying to not make a noise and finds that no one is even in the fire station.Dave found that a bit weird as the doors were open and unlocked.Dave grabbed one of the keys to the firetruck and zoom off as fast as he could back to the Mariinsky theatre. Dave climbed up the fire truck ladder and found A mum,A dad and 4 month year old baby on top of the roof they had ran up their thinking it was safe.Dave directs them to the ladder and they all climb down together and got to the ambulance truck. Viktor counts up all the people 1999 people so their is 1 person missing and Viktor knows who it is ‘’Anna’’.Dave look through the rocks to hear someone screaming ‘’Help Help i'm stuck under this huge rock’’Dave quickly grabs Viktor and they both run over to Anna.Dave and Viktor use their muscles to lift up the rock and get Anna out.Anna is safe and Viktor takes her over to the ambulance truck,Anna got told she had broken her arm and fractured her ankle it it would take 10 weeks to heal at least Anna didn’t die or crack her head open.The Mariinsky theatre is now in the process of being fixed.
Image from Google