Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Jeff was just a child when he was left behind by his family and friends. He had to fight to survive, there were many dangers but he had one friend Russia he was loyal but he wasn’t exactly human he was a Evolution, a evolved race from the human kind many were turned into theys evolved forms of the human race during the war they called it the evolution, Most cared of this evolution but Jeff didn’t care.

They had been together since they were young and traveled every day to hopefully leave the dreadful town of which they stayed, but it seemed as if the town kept going on forever . Ccccrrrrrkkk! A tree fell over Jeff and Russia then went to check it out and that's where they saw the first marks of a ravenous beast called Hell Hounds, 3 were of them lying there as if they had been thrown at the tree with lots of strength to spare the weird thing was that they had no marks on them as you would have thought, but they were just lying there lifelessly.

Jeff and Russia then set off to venture further more they then came across a cave they decided to camp outside of it and in the morning would collect minerals from inside but first they would need to collect some food that was Russia’s job, so Jeff layed there thinking of what this once proud city had become.

It was a few hours later before Jeff finally saw him coming back Jeff had always wondered where he got the food from when we barely see anything to eat and he always comes back with an absurd amount of food.

They then went into the cave and instantly they saw shadows going past at an immense speed next thing Jeff knew he heard Russia call out to Jeff his voice was slowly getting quieter and quieter Jeff then followed a trail of blood hoping it wasn’t Russia’s he then came across an abandoned weapon site, he thought that this might not actually be a cave but instead a trench that had been dug further more after the war but what?

Jeff then equipped himself with any weapon he could find and went down the cave to see some hellish beast feasting on what remained of what seemed to be a cow. He then looked to the right and saw Russia looking at him blankly as if he had been possessed by some unholy demon.

Russia then screamed then started attacking Jeff, He did the only thing he seemed fit he was obviously too far gone so Pew Pew, Russia was lying there. Dead. A tear rolled to Jeff’s eye but h wiped it away as he knew what he must do he gunned down as many Hellhounds as possible waiting for the boss to finally come out and eventually he did.

He was massive at least 12 meters in height and muscles the size of a average sized TV he then made his way to him his arm being torn from his body he used a dead hellhounds body to sneak up to him whilst everything was cleared but was knocked down and possessed just as Russia had he then found a way to another town after many decades and started a massive killing spree and to create another cycle the exact same as the last

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