Thursday, 31 August 2017

Tsunami horror

People screaming and “ow” was all you could hear for about 20 minutes after the tsunami.The people in the city were in great shock and horrified of what had happened to their city.They could not stop staring at it after a while some body rose and made a very long speech (I'm not going to write a speech)he said that they would need to build enough buildings for a number of people that survived.His name was Lukas Lukas was a tall man standing at about 6 foot tall he had brown muddy hair and light blue eyes Lukas was not the strongest but he a was a great leader.He also had two who stood with him they were always with him and great friends the where Dylan and Ronan. They set off to work right away they would use the leftover materials from the wreckage.They had built enough homes to fit 10 people within 2 months which was not helping there were only 20 people to fit in homes they were halfway there.They have nearly finished the third house when one of the men in the other home got a radio connection the news was on. The president of America was pronouncing that Japan would be a nuke bombing testing island although he did not know that there were still people alive.They no longer wanted to build homes and would use the ones they already had they decided that they were going to build boats so that they could evacuate the island. It was not easy for the remaining population to find enough materials for the boats even with the brains of Dylan as he was the smart one of the 3.When the group was searching they found a mysterious creature that washed up on the beach most problem from the tsunami.It was a pink looking blob some thought that it was a jellyfish from the deep sea.But Dylan said it was too big to be a jellyfish and had no tentacles Lukas decided that he would keep a small eye on it and he would take it to land in South Korea from South Korea they would make a phone call to America saying nothing because they weren't in Japan anymore so it didn't matter.But they would send it to America so America scientists could research it.Should everything go to plan? The time came they were leaving today.First they lifted the pink blob into the boat and 5 others they waited for the other 15 it was ten in a boat so Lukas Dylan Ronan and 2 friends got to go in a boat of 5 just as they were setting off a rocket with a dark grey trail it was getting very close and was extremely loud.At about the last minute they realized it was a nuke it hit the ground with a sonic boom and everybody died. 

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