Monday, 21 August 2017

The three little OG’S (Team kbz)

“I can't believe this”. The three people in TEAM KBZ were riding to PAK N SAVE because it was 2 dollar week.It was very wet and rainy so they had to be quick.

While they were riding they saw a TV store and the news just happened to be on. On the news, it said (very important message) “ALL OTARA HOUSES WILL BE BLOWN UP TO MAKE A NEW FACTORY BY DONALD TRUMP” and TEAM KBZ was triggered because they couldn’t afford new houses because Auckland houses were really expensive. So Team kbz came up with a plan.The team Kbz were going to catch a flight to the US and try and destroy the missiles before they were launched.

When they were in the plane they saw Trump's tower just before they landed. Donald was getting into his limo to go to the missile launching station. They needed to get there before Trump did.

“4 hours 59 minutes until blast off”, droned the voice over the speakers in trump tower. It was 7 pm.

Team kbz landed at the New York Airport. The customs was packed, so they knew they would not make it to Trump Tower in time. So they gapped it and jumped over the fence. Bad move. They started riding their bikes but then they realised their tires were all flat. They were caught by the Police very quickly and escorted to jail. They had to come up with another plan now. A plan to 1) get out of jail. 2)Somehow pump their tires up. And 3) Get to trump tower in time to STOP THOSE MISSILES. Their bikes were taken and put in a scrapyard nearby. One of the Team members overheard that. “Okay.” “So right now it is 7:45.” “The next laundry cart comes around at 8 pm.” “We escape then”. So they did. The laundry cart was driven to the local Laundromat. Whilst in the car they decided to ditch the other plan the hopped out of the carts in the van they found a crowbar in the boot they used it to knock the driver out.They drove to trump tower within about 13 minutes. They parked about 500m away so nothing was suspected. They silently ran to trump tower and got to the back door in time it was about 8:20 when they got there.

They went through the back door and found themselves in a storage room. They went out of the storage room and found themselves atop some stairs, and a long corridor going deep into the Tower. There were numbers on the doors. “Hey,” said one of the guys in the Team. “This is a HOTEL!” “They must be launching the missiles from the rooftop.” “Let’s get a room,” said one kbz members.They went to the check in , they did an on the day book in the tried to get the highest room possible so it would a lot easier to get to the roof of the launching station.When they got into their room on the top floor (which they luckily got).After about half an hour of planning, they had decided how they were going to stop the missile. At 9:30 they would leave their room and go to the missile launching station and press the shutdown button to stop the missiles. 9:30 came. They silently left their room to get to the top floor where the missiles were. They went to the elevator and chose the top floor. When they got to the top there was a security guard there. The security guard asked why they were there, and they said that they were the electricians because there was a fault in the missiles, so the security guard let them pass. In the launching station sat Donald Trump on a chair, waiting to press the button. Trump didn’t know the guys, so he called in the army to eliminate them. Team KBZ had nothing, and the army guys had like heaps of guns and stuff. Then one of the guys remembered he had a rock in his pocket so he threw it at one guy and he fell down but didn’t die. The president pressed the fire button, even though it wasn’t Midnight and they hadn’t got everyone out of Otara yet. Team KBZ was stun gunned and escorted back to jail. For the 2nd time. “Damn”, said one guy. “Those missiles are going to blow up Otara and we can't do anything about it”.  3 days later, they managed to escape by lifting up their shower and going through a tunnel which was an old mineshaft. “I saw one guy escape like this”. “Think his name was El clappo or something”. They got out and managed to hassle up a boat that went at the speed of light. So they got in it and they were back at Otara in 1/10th of a second. “Hey,” said one guy” Why is there no factory here?” Everything was just normal. “I guess the missiles malfunctioned?” They all went to a bar to get some drinks but realized because they were in America they didn’t do any car window washing at the local traffic lights that week. All they could afford was the newspaper. On it said; TEAM KBZ HEROES OF NZ. Turns out when that guy threw a rock at the army dude he fell down onto the self-destruct button and after they were escorted to jail the tower and the president and the army folks blew up.
                                       The end.
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