Monday, 21 August 2017

 The story of 3 peeps that Recreated Tangled!

In a close nearby city there lived a happy family having the time of their lives, spending time with their newborn baby, her name is Camille. With her still growing hair, she became more and more gorgeous. But she would always cry every time if she doesn't get what she wants, but she knew that staying with her family was most important than anything else. Camille had said her first word which was Lizard. Later on, the family were going out to have there own family time without distractions.                                                 
Before that happened Evil Mana took away Camille from her parent’s because she wanted her hair to survive her death, but the time that Evil Mana took Camille was set place in the forest while Camille was having her lunch with her family. Camille had got hurt and her parents went to get help, but as soon as they came back little Camille was gone.

Image result for TangledA couple years later Camille was grown up and was living with Evil Mana but what Camille didn't know at all was that she was a bad lady. One night Camille and her pet lizard Jodie packed their things and tried to escape but Mana had woken up because of the sounds and grabbed Camille and Jodie the lizard back and locked the windows.
Mana had swallowed the key so that Camille and Jodie couldn't leave.

Image result for Tangled evil ladyEvil Mana didn't know that Jodie the lizard was a small tiny reptile that could go under small hidden things and could change colour to the spots that Jodie hides in. Just before Jodie went looking for small places to escape Camille had realized that there was a small tunnel behind the tall mirror,so then Camille waited till the next day for her Evil stepmother Mana to leave the house to go look for food, so thatś when Camille and her pet Reptile got ready and started to move the mirror so they could escape.

Just then as they were going to escape they had a problem they didn't know where to go because they never been in one but then Jodie had an idea and she could smell her way out once they had found their way out to freedom they ran off somewhere else far away never to see Evil Stepmother Mana again.Just as Camille and Jodie were running Camille ran right into a prince called Evan and he asked what was wrong Camille said that ¨ I was playing hide N seek¨ but it wasn’t true she told him a lie so he wouldn’t think that Camille was lying to him.

Image result for TangledAs Evan and Camille also her lizard Jodie were walking and talking for a while both of them asked how everything is going and both their replies were good, How you going and what are your plans for tonight.When Camille answered she had said nothing so then Evan asked if she would like to go out for dinner and what was her answer YES, Evan told Camille what time to pick her up from her place but Camille changed the place to pick her up back in the same place as where they ran into each other.

Later on tonight when Evan came to pick Camille and Jodie up for the dinner Evan saw Camille wearing a beautiful blue dress with sparkles all over it and sparked up Evans eyes but what Evan was wearing was a black tuxedo with a white tie they were both so beautiful and stylish.This was one of Camille's best first date she had gone on.

Camille never remembered anything about Evil Mana and cared nothing about her anymore and was now on a journey looking for her real parents which was back in the castle and lived happily with Evan because Evan was her true love and everything was looking great for them which in mind Jodie was also still apart of Camille's life as her very own friend and that was Camille's Journey with Jodie.

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