Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The Storm!

During the day everything was perfect the people were calm and happy, until the evening when Drake was having a nice peaceful bike around the park when he bumped into Noah who was also out at the park. When both bumped into each other they instantly felt a connection of being friends and so they greeted each other and asked questions and so days later they were best mates but one day both of them asked if they would like to show each other some spots that they go around most times and so they took each other around and showed them some really cool places which some places were light and creative and some other spots dreadful and more man things to do. They even suggested to meet each other's parents,which indeed they did the next following day for dinner. So while everyone one sat at the table having dinner happily Drake and Noah Suspected something wasn't quite right between both families and it was strange.

So drake and Noah left it till the next day when Drake and Noah meet up with each other at the park when they heard a big storm heading their way but not far from the distance Drake and Noah could see four people standing there controlling the storm but it was not just any storm a tornado was coming at it was being caused by the four people who were standing there,so Drake and Noah went to hide out from the big storm and tornado in an underground spot but before they closed the door Noah saw very closely and saw that it was his and Drake's parents so Noah quickly shut the door and went down the stairs and told Drake that is was their parents controlling the storm.Later after a few minutes of hiding out and discussing what Drake and Noah was going to do everything was silent and both boys went out to see and say a huge mess of buildings that had collapsed and everything was all destroyed just because of Drake and Noah's parents.

After that it was up to Drake and Noah to help save the people and nature from being destroyed by their very own parents who made everyone frightened and shocked.Soon as Drake and Noah went home they immediately got what they needed to help destroy the parents and set out to look for them but as soon as Noah and Drake found someone lying there on the ground Drake needed to help him but it was too late the evil parents saw him and didn't want anyone helping each other so the parents threw a powerful hit at drake and drake was gone.Then Noah saw him and quickly ran over to Drake to help him but Noah got hit too.

Minutes later out of nowhere a good spirit comes and helps Drake and Noah live again,when both boys wake up they see the spirit and says thank you to her and so she asked what happened and so they told her everything and she immediately wanted to help them,then she gave both Drake and Noah a powerful energy to defeat their parents it was strong enough to kill them. Along the way trying to find the parents Drake and Noah found them and straight away threw a massive hit at all four parents and it had killed them.

Drake and Noah was pleased to have stopped them from causing any more problems and wanted to help the others by making everything right with them so everyone in the whole world helped sent over some gear and food for the people and Drake and Noah used their power to help restore all the buildings and everybody was happy again.Once that was finished Drake and Noah made a deal to live with each other till they both grow up and then move out going there own separate ways.

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