Sunday, 27 August 2017

The last specialist

Unknown.jpegIt was 2087 and there wasn’t that much food or water in the world at the moment, and people where doing anything they could to get the food or water. The city Chicago was a wasteland after the 10 specialist came, and destroy the city. The ten specialist was called Ruin, Outrider, Battery, Prophet, Seraph, Nomad, Reaper, Spectre and fire break. All of these people or robots have the power to take over the world and make people do anything they want.

The city of Chicago was now a wasteland, the specialist use to be friends and fight for the country and serve, but then one of there friends Nomad got kill by the government because Nomad was doing stuff what the government didn’t like and when they ask him to stop he didn’t, So the government killed him. So when the other specialist found out that he got killed they went crazy and they killed thousands and thousands of people that stud in there way.

The specialist were trying to get to the President, because he was the one who ordered to kill Nomad. The specialist went through city to city to try and find the president. The president went into hiding because he knew the specialist was coming for him. The president had a plan to try and stop the specialist from getting to him. The president sent mother ships looking for them and Gi units after them to find them, but the specialist was smart, they all had powers that made them extremely good at doing stuff, like ruin can run and jumping really high and spectre can go invisible for about 2 minutes and in that time no one can see him. It was 27 days after Nomad got kill and all of the specialist were getting close to killing the president, but on the journey Ruin and prophet got killed in action trying to fight away the mother ships or the GI units. They had just pinpoint on where the president was and all of the specialist got ready to go and kill him.

The specialist where outside of the hiding spot that the  president was hiding, the last 5 specialist where getting ready to go in and kill the president but at the last minute the president came out of his hiding spot and told the specialist that he was forced to kill Nomad, because otherwise he’s family would be killed. The president said that he ‘didn’t want too, but he had too’. One of the specialist didn’t believe him but the other specialist did and they let him walk, but they came to agreement that they had their criminal records clean and that they aren't gonna be hunted anymore.  

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