Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The end of the world?

RUN!!! As the whole townspeople run buildings are falling over behind them and flying saucers come from the sky. But, what would have started all this?

It all started with a boy named James. He was at his Best Friends birthday, his name is Josh. They were playing video games up stairs on the Xbox one while the other kids Jim, Tim and John were downstairs getting food. 

While they were downstairs Josh’s Xbox started to lag. He saved his game and then turned the Xbox off and then back on. Nothing happened though. He tried to turn it back on but nothing happened. That's when his Xbox exploded and left a pile of dust which smoked up the whole entire room.  

That's when he said, “ Well, we must’ve played video games for too long.” Suddenly the Xbox made a weird noise. It started to shake like an earthquake was happening. James realised he was dying, he quickly opened a window. It was at that moment James saw the clouds go grey like it's about to rain. Josh was still inside when he finally came to the window. Josh and James then went back to the Xbox but then they passed out from all of the smoke. 

They both woke up at the world around them. Destruction everywhere. Alien spaceships in the sky and aliens on land killing humans one at a time. “WHAT DO THEY WANT!!” Said, James.

Josh just started running for his life so James followed.  They ran for shelter in the ruined city. James wondered how it all happened so quickly, Josh did too. “ I wonder how all of this happened?”  Said Josh
“ I really don’t know.” Said, James. So they are waiting under the shelter waiting for something to happen when James noticed a red dot as if it's a target on the wall they are staying in. He asked Josh, “ What’s that on the wall?” Josh responded with a “RUN!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!” They ran out of the shelter they were staying in and one minute later they saw it blow up. “We were lucky to get out,” said Josh. 

They kept walking for no reason when they finally saw some people badly injured. The people quickly ran away thinking they would harm them. “HEY, come back we come in peace.” Said, James. Nothing. The only sounds they heard were the alien’s spacecraft above them. They had to do something, but then something hit them both. Josh and James remembered this was exactly like the video game they were playing before which means that it might be the same world. So they scavenged the world for the power ups. Turns out it's the exact same world and all the loot is in the same place.

James and Josh find guns to shoot the aliens with. As they are looking for the aliens they hear strange noises. It’s like people screaming for help. They follow the noise to find out when they realise there was nothing there. That is when aliens come crashing through the buildings shattering the glass windows with some sort of gun. They shot James and before he knew it… It was just a dream.

By Rittivong

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