Thursday, 31 August 2017

Robot Invasion By Mason

The war began in 2022 it was long a lot of people died trying to stop the evil robot army. People went into hiding trying to live but they cept getting found. Four years later the guns stopped firing and it sounded like the war was over and people came out to see but it was bad the robots had won. The City of Crank heart was destroyed car were flipped over, gravel on the ground, buildings half intact, and machines destroyed all around the places. After that more of the survivors were gone and the war against robot and men had come to an end. But there were three thirteen year olds named Jake, Lewie and Nathan.

“We can not live like this forever” Said Nathan angrily they were In an old coffee shop, the doors and windows were blocked  by parts of buildings they sat in the middle and sat down eating uncooked potatoes and drinking dirty water.  Lewie got up and went over to the corner of the room Nathan and Louis looked at him puzzled and he came back with something shiny “this is something I found a couple of weeks ago buried under the rubble” said Lewie. It was a huge diamond Nathan and Louis stared in astonishment. Then they heard something from outside they got up with their knives in their hands and went closer to the windows to hear what it was. The sound was the sound of a hundred feet hitting the gravel. They went through a little gap in the wall and they were hit with a beam of light they were outside looking at group of humans, They were survivors.

The person at the front suddenly stopped and looked right at Jake, Lewie and Nathan and said “who are you” Lewie grunted and Nathan said “We are three teenagers that survived the war and have come to see what the noise was from outside, And you are”.  “I am Richard and I am leader of the survivors” Replied Richard “well what are you doing out here, And out of curiosity where did you get guns” Asked Jake. “For your information there lying on the ground every where and we are heading towards the bridge”. “Well in that case we can tell you're trying to leave the city, so can we join you” Asked Lewie “No not without payment because we have limited food sources and we can't let you just take what we earned” Said Richard “we will pay with this” Louis said taking out his diamond.

Straight away Richard said “yes” and they joined them on there way to the bridge that leads out of crank heart city. They were marching along the broken dust filled roads passing flipped tanks and a lot of guns, Talking about what they had been doing while the war was happening a lot of them said “we hid in Axel Morgan's big bunker (Lewie’s farther). They all turn the corner to find them in a dead end because there was a robot lying there, the good news was that it was not on. It had long legs and a cube like body and guns on the sides it had a huge screen on the front that reflected them. Some stupid person named Jack ran up to it and started beating it with a small stick. All of a sudden the robots lights started flickering and then all round the city there was the sound of robots turning on. “God sake Jack!” Yelled Richard. They all started to run off in small groups, Richard, Jake, Lewie, Nathan and two others ran straight a head towards a carpark.  And they lived in the carpark and found a bazooka they shot all the robots and destroyed the main robot hub at the top of the mountain in the center of the city. The survivors came out and they rebuilt the city together and they lived their lives without war.

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