Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Noah’s nightmare

Image result for small apartment (dark)Once upon a time there was a boy named Noah he is 16 year old boy and living on his own. He is living on his own because he got suspended from 3 high schools and not being a really nice person to his family. In his family he has one father, one mother and one younger sister named Alison that is about 12 years old (and not heading into his path way). He lives in a city called New York. He lives in an apartment which in quite small and dark, he does odd jobs to pay the rent, he struggles to get by every week. Also he doesn’t go to college because he finds school boring because he thinks he is quite smart.

Image result for person standing on abridgeOne freezing morning he decides to go for a walk in central park which he often does. While he was walking across a wide bridge he stops to look at his reflection beneath him. While he is looking at his reflection also thinking about what is going on he looks up and see’s all of the tree’s moving very strangely. Noah turns and sprints home because he knows something is going on. When he is sprinting home he realizes that it is a big earthquake (lucky his little apartment is just around the corner). Noah is so scared because he had never been in an earthquake before. When Noah runs around the corner he see’s that is little apartment is in little pieces.

Image result for pillow transparentNoah looks what is left of his apartment and see’s the left overs from last night and then suddenly the earthquake stops all of a sudden but he knows it’s going to come back soon. Noah suddenly realizes that his family still lives in the neighborhood. So he knows he has a long adventure in front of him. Noah looks around and saw that his pillow is under lots of bricks! He was sad because he was going to take that into his journey and that his pillow reminded him of them because that was the one thing that he took to live on his own. Noah looked at his watch and saw it was already 11:00 am and he new that sun starts going down at 1:00 pm . So Noah starts to jog in the direction of his family's home.

Unknown.jpegNoah starts to look around while he was running and see’s nearly every building had fallen down, also all of the power had gone out so he couldn’t use his phone. Noah’s parents live only a few blocks down the road from his. He starts to stop and look what has happened to the area and starts to think about what happened to the rest of the country. As Noah walks along the broken buildings he can see the street name underneath his feet he looks down at it and see’s it's one block away from his family home so he knew he was heading in the right direction.

Image result for 897After a while Noah was getting really hungry because he only had breakfast in the morning. Noah thought his stomach was rumbling so hard because he hasn't eaten, but no it was the earthquake again. Noah starts sprinting for a while and then stops because he see’s a truck with the back door open, he decides to jump in to take shelter as soon as he gets in the earthquake stops. Noah gets out of the truck and runs as fast he can to his parents house because he is over all of this, he struggles to find his parents house because all of the the house's entrance ways have fallen and all look the same, he notices a number 897, which is the the number of his family's home, he starts to cry as he thinks there is no way anyone can be under there. Suddenly he hears a familiar voice it is his little sister crying for help he runs to where he can hear the voice, he then starts to remove all the damaged bricks and wood and then he sees a bright red jumper and a little hand, he grabs the hand and pulls his sister out, her face is all dirty but manages to give her brother a big smile. Alison points to where their dad is and Noah does the same taking off the bricks and pulls him out and he was speechless because saw it was Noah and he hasn’t visited before . Also there was a hand sticking out and Noah thinks that it’s his mother and pulls her out but it was too late. They were all devastated usually Alison. A few weeks later Alison was angry at Noah for leaving home but she didn’t know the real reason he actually left so she asked him and Noah said “you will know one day!!!”

The End
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