Thursday, 31 August 2017


It was a normal day down in the town of Stratford. It was all going well until Tom heard a knock at the door. “Oh come on,” He said getting out of bed. Thomas was an average person, with an average job, and an average life. He works at a company could “Alpha Nukes” their job is to supply the military with nukes. When Thomas made his way to the door, he thought it would be just another advertiser. But it was something much bigger. Thomas switched on the TV and couldn’t believe what he saw. It was a recording, not just any recording; it was a news recording. Regarding North Korea's attack on the US.                                                                                                                                                                        

 “That’s impossible,” He said to himself. “How could it- how am I still alive.” Thomas got up and left. He needed to find somewhere else away from his house. Somewhere where he will be safe. So he walked along the road hoping to find something of his interest. He did, it was a green monster according to him. Before he could act, they spotted him “time to run” He said sprinting. But yet his sprinting wasn’t fast enough; the monsters caught up with him. The next thing he knew he was knocked out cold. He woke up with a headache “Where am I” He said. Other people are standing around him. “Are you alright?” A lady asked from beside him “Yeah I'm fine” he replied. Another man came in the room “Hello my names Chris” he said. “I’m Thomas, nice to meet you.” 

 The next morning the woman named Sarah who was the first person to greet Thomas. She said her name was Sarah and she explained how they rescued Thomas from the mutants. Thomas asked if he could join the group, Sarah allowed his request. Suddenly a group of killers raids the small groups base. “Get to cover!” Chris shouted not shortly after he was stabbed in the back by a killer. “NOOO!” Sarah shouted, “we need to get out of here,” Tom said. So the remaining survivors followed Tom away safely from the base. “What do we do now?” A man from the group shouted “Yeah we have no food, or shelter” A lady said. “Over there” Thomas pointed. It was a place buried under the sand; it was sort of like the same base used by their group. But the base had a logo. It was a company named “EVIL” suddenly, Thomas started to have flashbacks. That’s was his dad's company, and that building is the HQ. 

 He rushed inside the other soon followed. It was like a maze. He couldn’t find out which way is to wear. Until finally. He found a room it was sphere like. A man was standing at the door to greet him “Hello...Son” The man said. “Who are you?”Thomas replied. “I am your father, the reason why you haven’t died yet is that of your resistance to radiation since you’ve been working on alpha nukes for your whole life.”But how are you alive?” Tom said. “Never mind that,” His dad said, we need to get out of here this place is swarming with killers.”

 Just before they were about to exit a group of killers surrounded the dad and son. The father was stabbed, but luckily he still lived, their small group came and killed the murderers. “C’mon let's go” As he said carrying his father on his shoulders. They decide to go back to their old base and rebuild it. His dad died not after. But Thomas and his group rebuilt their base and carried on helping people.   

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