Monday, 21 August 2017

Narrative Writing Tony & Ishaan

Little Bad Riding Hood

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Sarah and she wore a red hoodie and sweatpants, she also lived in Manurewa. Manurewa is a good community except for the times when kidnappers come around. In Manurewa there is a very low educational school and Sarah went to that school. She was at the park playing with her friends after lunch at her house listening to pop music on her iphone 7 plus. She has a lot  of friends and she likes to hang around with them and go to the park.

She received a text message from her mum Kate saying,
“Hey Sarah could you go and visit your grandma Jess and buy some cake for her as well because your grandpa passed away the other week. After buying the cake at pak n save because it was 5 dollar week, she wrapped the cake in a box. While she was riding her bike to grandma Jess’s house she stumbled along a black mysterious van. There were three men sitting in the van wearing black hoodies & trackpants. Then suddenly, a white cloth wrapped around her face and she was pulled into the van.After a while she woke up in a dark room with just one light above her. The kidnappers asked her what the cake was for and she said it was for her
grandma because she was having a bad time.

All the kidnappers ate the cake except one because one of them didn’t like cakes. After a while the two kidnappers that ate the cake passed out into an induced coma. So the other kidnapper called and ambulance and they went to hospital. The other kidnapper also called the police on Sarah for attempt of murder on her grandma. The police tested the cake for any poisons and they found a very dangerous poison called Arsenic. She was sent a life sentence in jail and her parents were very surprised with what happened to her and what she did. The house got searched for any more poison but there was nothing left.

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