Monday, 28 August 2017

Narrative Writing #1 - Ishaan

The Final Game

On one luminous afternoon on planet Gonzoid, an old woman told her husband to go and check on their new floating house construction. He left the house in a huge rush for the inspection. When he turned into the driveway of his new house construction site a huge gust of wind blew dust and smoke landed on his windshield. He starts to get flash backs from somewhere he doesn't remember. Then he realises that it was flashbacks from when he was in his 20s playing football for his club called Real Madrid.

He starts to get more flashbacks, huge weird shaped air crafts start start mobbing towards Washington DC. Donald Trump (President) asks the military to ask the aliens if there is a way to stop them from invading the earth. The aliens with a reply saying the “If you want us to stop invading the earth we must battle in a game of football on planet Garzoid”. Donald trump replies that they would play football to save the earth. They pick the greatest players from around the world like Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and many more. They all travel to Gonzoid and play the game against the aliens. With only 5 minutes to go the score was 1-1 to earth and then Neymar scores a goal and the game is over and they all go back to earth to celebrate.

When they exit their spaceship the soon realise that the aliens have already invaded. The aliens destroyed everything and abandoned the earth. After a while walking around they realize that there family and friends had been abducted and and also everyone else. Then all of a sudden huge alien ships start flying over Washington DC and they start running down low and they find a secret place that no one knows about and they find some supplies like food. clothes and shelter. Then all the aliens find them there and then start chasing them. Then a huge space ship sucked them up.

The aliens on earth thought it was aliens that sucked them up so the aliens left the ship to do its thing and drop them into a black hole. Then the humans realize that it was actually humans saving them and not aliens abducting them. They all fly to planet Gonzoid and see all of the humans starting to build houses suitable for humans and building human supermarkets. After 40 years later, planet Gonzoid more looking like a future ristic planet and everything looks so modern. Cristiano decides to build a new floating house and a huge floating football pitch.

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