Sunday, 20 August 2017

Narrative for Mr Munro as a 12 year old boy.

A child, a 12-year-old Brett woke up in the morning just like any other day but sad and grumpy. He put on his clothes in very stiff movements and went downstairs for breakfast. As he was pouring milk into his cereal his brother bumped him on purpose. He lashed out and pushed him in the spilled milk that was on the floor. Just then at that moment, he knew he was not going to have a good day. His mother came down in shock with the mess on the floor and Brett’s older brother covered with milk on the floor. Brett’s mother shouted, “ What’s going on here?!”
Brett replied, “ He shoved me when I was pouring the milk and I shoved him.”
His Mother grounded him. Brett just went to his school,  Maidstone primary school in anger and on an empty stomach. As he walked into class he saw his friends, Bruce, Angela and Lawrence playing a game of cricket on the field, He quickly puts everything down and runs straight outside. So they play their game of cricket when Brett realized, he hadn’t finished his homework. He quickly ran inside to see the time: 8:50 am. School Started in 10 minutes. He had 10 minutes to do his homework. He quickly looked around the room. The only people there were himself, Austin the school nerd and surprisingly no teacher. He quickly went to Autin’s desk and asked, “ Can you do my homework?”
Austin replied with a, “NO!”
This infuriated Brett so he started beating up Austin, stressed out and not knowing what to do. Austin realizing he was going to be punched, dodged it and quickly ran away out of the classroom. That's when he saw the time… 8:55. He had now only five minutes to do his homework. So now he has no idea what to do. But then an idea pops up in his head. Maybe he could ask one of his friends. So with 5 minutes left he quickly sprints like a lion hunting its prey to his friends. He asked them and they said “Sure.” Brett was so relieved but then he heard something. Something familiar that goes on a couple of times every day. That's when he remembered. He knew the noise. It was… The bell. He quickly brought all of them inside to do his homework but, The teacher was inside he didn’t know what to do. So he just waited because there was no coming back from it. He couldn’t copy right in front of the teacher. So when the teacher asked for everyone's homework he just waited. The teacher Mr. Whitehead asked him where his homework was. He replied with a classic “ I don’t know.”
Him being the one who hasn’t completed his homework got the cane and the rest of the day with a red bum. He went home in frustration and feeling stupid not finishing his homework. That’s when he remembered that he was grounded and he might get another spanking. He did and had a red bum for the next 3 weeks.
None of this is true as it is a NARRATIVE.
By Rittivong

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