Wednesday, 30 August 2017

My Own Revenge

My Own Revenge

“Oh no what do I do I regret what I did that night and now I have my own revenge to plan” This all started at home when my sister Lily got in a fight with her boyfriend.

It was a horrible day when we had to do our jobs my sister of course was on her phone and not paying attention to anything. Ugh I was so sick of her attitude and making me take the blame which I didn’t even know what she did. I just finished cleaning the kitchen and my sister didn’t clean the living room. My mom came and saw that it was dirty as soon as she saw how messy it was Lily came past and said “ nate did it” I gave her a evil look and she walked away smiling. My mom punished me and I had to do extra jobs, as soon as I finished I walked into my sister's room and obviously she was on the phone with her boyfriend and from what I heard she got dumped. I sat down next to her and saw that she was crying I hugged her and she said psyche. I ran out of the room and yelled I’m never gonna believe you again.

I was so fed up with her that I got revenge by replacing her phone with a fake one. She came to her room and grabbed the fake phone it wasn’t working and it was cracked too. She screamed and barged into my room and called me names where I don’t even want to go. I gave her, her real phone and she said ugh you are so annoying. We never talked to each other only insults that made us stop and shocked. We both kept pranking each other non stop. Until one day we got into the biggest fight. We never spoke of it again.

It was a weekend day and I left the house early because I wanted some time alone. I stayed out the whole day and my mom kept on calling me I didn’t want to answer because I knew that she wanted to solve the problem between my sister and I. So I ignored her calls I walked around trying to think things over. It was 5 pm and I think that my mom would be worried. So I walked back home and what I saw wasn’t easy to explain how I felt. I walked more further and I saw that the whole building collapsed and there were firemen everywhere I didn’t know what to do. The I realized that is Lily's boyfriend apartment I thought for a while and remembered that she was going over there. I sprinted like i never have before I pushed the door open and ran to my mom and asked “ Where is she !” she said that she was at her boyfriend's house ( Bill ) I was crushed and explained what happened. My mom started to cry and so did I. I went to my room and thought about the last thing we talked about is how pathetic she is.
Then I thought that Lily would’ve know if there was a fire drill. So I called Bill and surprisingly he answered “ Hello so how's life without your pathetic sister “ He hung up and I knew that this was all his fault. I went to my room and planned everything of how to get my revenge. I was cleaning up my room so I could find different things to use in the plan then I came to the fake phone. I just sat down and looked at it for a while feeling so guilty and if it wasn’t for me then she wouldn’t have left the house and she wouldn’t be gone. I thought to myself that it wasn’t going to happen. I got my plan sorted so a friend of mine was supposed to meet him and talk about business and he was supposed to give him laxative and he would need to use the bathroom. So when he left all his stuff I would go and look for everything that could link that he is the murderer. The plan went perfect and he just left his bag unsupervised and i went through the bag and saw Lily's phone I quickly grabbed it and looked through and saw a video recorder. Of course I played it and i heard that they both were in a room and listened that she was breaking up with him and he knew that because she was cheating on him. I almost turned it off before I heard a scream and I knew that it was Lily. I heard that she was left alone in the room and he took away the phone and I think that he knew that it was recording. I knew that Bill placed a bomb then activated it when he was long gone he came back and I ran home without the phone.

I knew that I had evidence and couldn’t wait till he got arrested. I got stopped by a knock on the door and saw that there was a police officer there. He came up to me and said “ Nate you are under arrest for bombing illegal sites” I didn’t know what to I am now in jail waiting for my time out but I have jail for 10 years and I couldn’t wait to get him back.

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